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0907 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, September 7th, 2006.
1. Petty Officer 3rd Class Ariel Weismann of Salem took a laptop that belonged to the Navy, tried to sell it to an "undisclosed foreign government", and now they are going to court martial him. What was this guy thinking?
2. Intel shares took a nosedive today after the announcement that the company was going to cut 10 thousand jobs. No. The market was not unhappy about all that misery and unemployment. The stock fell because investors were disappointed that Intel had not made more severe cuts.
3. Oregon Supreme Court Justice William Riggs is resigning at the end of the month, which means that Kulongoski gets to appoint someone new to the bench before November... just in case...
4. Former ODOT Manger, Heather Catron - who was in charge of a $1.3 billion bridge construction and repair program - may have favored an engineering company that she also worked for at one time. First she worked for Parametrix, then ODOT and back to Parametrix. Don't let the revolving door hit you on the ass or face as the case may be, Heather...
5. Oregon agencies have submitted requests for $12 million from the State emergency fund. The fund is supposed to tide us over until July when the new budget cycle begins. The fund has $11 million left and is facing a $10 million dollar lawsuit. (And they say poor people don't know how to handle money... )
6. There's a video out there of a dangerous moron planting a pipe bomb on a TriMet bus.
7. In Ashland, a dead guy is going to get approval for a Measure 37 claim soon even though he died two years before the deadly Measure was voted in on a hummer.
8. Shorebank Pacific scientist Kathleen Sayce and others say that there are a number of hidden 'time bombs' in all the climate change that is going on. Specifically we have just about stalled the "upwelling effect that is critical to the survival of marine creatures (Not to mention the 'land creatures' that caused the problem in the first place... .)
9. A new Army manual bans torture and degrading treatment of prisoners (And just in time for the arrival of 14 men who are accused of being "enemy combatant" and were being held in one of the CIA's secret foreign detention facilities. Wow, I bet the guys will be pleased to hear this news!). Bush said Oh, and by the way, we're running secret foreign detention facilities.
10. Back in June the Supreme Court ruled that Bush's plan to try detainees in military tribunals violated US and International law. Since then the administration has been working on a strategy for dealing with the detainees. And - cue drum roll - Ta Daaah! Here it is: he's going to have the detainees tried in military tribunals in violation of US and international law..
11. Congress is considering a number of surveillance bills this week. What a coincidence! Just in time for the 5th anniversary of 9/11. a day that really did not really change everything, just the Constitution and the economy and the media... .
12. The former governor of Illinois, George Ryan has been convicted of fraud, conspiracy and racketeering and sentenced to six and a half years in prison. Ryan is the fellow who commuted most of the death sentences in Illinois prisons. (Let that be a lesson to him, eh? And what about the Tom Delay et al crimes? No jail time there? I didn't think so.
13. The government failed to ensure that recipients of terrorism-recovery loans were actually hurt by the events of 9/11. Nearly 3 out of 4 of the loans were made under a program that encouraged bankers to lend more money at less cost, thereby making more of a killing than the terrorists...
14. Farm state Senators are increasing their request for drought relief dollars by half again. They are going to need about $6 billion or more. The 'Bible Belt' is rapidly turning into a 'Dust Belt' as desertification caused by agribusiness farming techniques begins gnawing on the bones of the Family Farm.
15. The government is also upset about child labor.
16. Back To School Daze!: There are six crazy people holed-up in a school in Arizona.
17. The owner of DataUSA plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit fraud. DataUSA conducted political polls for the likes of George Bush and Joe Lieberman.
18. 'Ta Daaah!', Pt.2, the Saga Continues: In Iraq "coalition Forces" handed over control of Iraq's armed forces command to the Iraqi government. US officials "hailed the event as a crucial milestone in the country's road to independence." (Rather the country's road to becoming a full-fledged 'failed state'. (But I know what the US commanders were thinking, "Thank Gawd. Let them handle it, so we can get back to making a huge profit from the disaster... ")
19. The US is "upping the pressure" on Russia and China to demand UN sanctions be imposed on Iran. (Russia and China to the US, 'Up yours.')
20. Blair is being run out of town on a rail - at last...
21. 'Karma Is Getting What You Want And Then Getting Stuck With It: Now that Felipe Calderon has been officially appointed president of Mexico his troubles have really begun.
22. Hugo Chavez points out that the CIA is hard at work in Venezuela getting the up-coming election good and fixed.
23. The EU is taking Turkey to court to help smooth obstacles to that countries entry into the EU. (And if Turkey loses, they put all the Turkish people in jail or what?
24. The Non-aligned Movement Summit to be held in Havana next week is planning on lighting a fire under the effort to secure Puerto Rican independence.

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