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FILM TONITE - Abajo COLONialismo/Down with Colonialism

Produced by the Calle y Media Collective in Caracas,Venezuela.
The film is in Spanish with English subtitles. Come find out
what happened when a group of revolutionaries decided that it
was time to take down the statue of Christopher Colombus!
Down with Colombus
Down with Colombus
The Venezuela Media Exchange kicks off their first Thursday Film Nite/Cine Club with the independently produced documentary
Abajo COLONialismo - Down with Colombus, Down with Colonialism -
produced by the Calle y Media Collective of Caracas, Venezuela.
Come learn about the revolution within the revolution in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Join us at 7pm for arepas - traditional Venezuelan food, followed by the film at 7:30.

Discussion and action plan to follow!

See you there!!!
Liberty Hall - 311 N. Ivy

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