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Fouad Kaady Memorial Service

Fouad's family has invited anyone who would like to share a few moments to remember Fouad, to a memorial service, on Sunday, September 10, at 11:00 a.m., at the St George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 2101 SE 162nd, Portland, Oregon.
A map to the church can be found at this site:  http://www.stgeorgeportland.org/

Fouad, you will remember, was the young man who was murdered by a "peace" officer (Bergin) from Sandy, and a Clackamas County Deputy (Willard), on September 8, 2005. Many details of this case have been reported on this site in the past, and links to those stories will follow, as will details of the law suit, which was filed by his family and the Spence Law Firm yesterday. Those who cannot attend the memorial should check this site often, for the release date of a film which is being produced by Videoistas from Portland Indymedia. Stay tuned, and always remember what the police are capable of, in the name of protecting our peace.

"He was naked, he was badly burned, and badly injured. He was unarmed, he was tortured, then killed, by agents of our government, all to protect and to serve-WHOM?"

Thank You 06.Sep.2006 21:02

Den Mark, Vancouver

I will be there.

please go.nomatter who you are 07.Sep.2006 09:41


It is an Orthodox Christian Church, but all are invited, regardless of race, religion or no religion, please do come. It will give some insight on the faith this family and community have, and how they have been able to hold themselves together. It would be a sincere gesture if some Muslims and Jewish friends came.

Fouad's death was not in vain.

God Bless America.

I Would Love to Be There 07.Sep.2006 22:47


It is a shame what this family has suffered. The Kaady family means something to me. As a little kid I would go to Ed Kaady's grocery store with my parents. Ed was always so sweet to us. What a great family he had,
helping out at the store. Out of town events with relatives prevent me from attending. My heart goes out to the Kaady family.

absolutely no corp. media 08.Sep.2006 00:58


No corp media, channel 2, channel 6, channel 8, channel 12 and especially FOX do not bother to show up at the church for you will be trespassing and asked to leave. Public radio or TV is more than welcome.

Address 08.Sep.2006 09:17

Den Mark, Vancouver

Note a small mistake in the address in the o.p.: the church is in NE (not SE).

yes, 2101 NE 162nd 08.Sep.2006 13:12


just north of halsey on NE 162, about 1/2 mile. You can't miss it. It has beautiful golden domes. and please remember, you are all invited regarldless of appearal. We are not like that. It's a Syrian/Lebanese orthidox christian church, so please, if there are any Jewish or Muslim friends, please come also.