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Corbin Harney

He has lived a life as Protector of Mother Earth. His love and passion for Her has deeply stirred many hearts to action.

The Nevada Test Site, Yucca Mountain, Divine Strake and so much more......and now, Corbin is seriously ill.
Corbin Harney
Corbin Harney
It is not necessary to know what ails him, only that he is in need. For one who has given so much, it is our turn to surround him with love and assistance.

Corbin stayed the early summer at Nanish Shontie, a Native Healing community in Blachly, Oregon.  http://www.nanish.org/index.html

He has since returned to Poo Ha Bah, a traditional Native Healing center where he is receiving constant care and close to the healing hot spring.

Nanish Shontie has put out a call in an effort to find help for Corbin from many different directions. They are asking that if anyone would like to aid in the expense of Corbin's medical treatments, exams, herbs, transportation costs and other expenses to send checks to:

Corbin Harney, P.O. Box 187, Tecopa, CA 92389.

If you would like to send Corbin a personal message you can email him at  corbinharney@hotmail.com.

For more information about Corbin, refer to Shundahai.org to learn about the organization's efforts, to listen to his songs and learn about the books he has written.

I love you Corbin, Blessed Be