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How Hitler Became a Dictator

Whenever US officials wish to demonize someone, they inevitably compare him to Hitler.
"Resist the beginnings" is a lesson from German history.
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You forgot his financing 06.Sep.2006 21:34


None of that could have happened if the NAZI party didn't have financing, which happened to come from Pearcy Rockefeller at National City Bank (later Chase and now Citibank) and Union Bank didn't support Thyssen Steel, which helped build up the Nazi war machine and would later reap huge profits from Polish slave labor. Don't forget IG Farben, the Rothschild chemical cartel that ironically produced the Zyclon gas used to murder Jews in the concentration camps. They were very supportive of Hitler, too. After Nuremburg that company was broken up into several companies, including Bayer Pharmaceutical and BASF.

Follow the money.

Forget the money, dupes. It was the people. 09.Sep.2006 09:21

Lawrence Maushard

Sorry, but the majority of the German people were just as responsible for the regime led by Adolf Hitler as the dictator himself. The atrocities and war crimes that occurred in Deutchsland, Europe and elsewhere from 1933 - 1945 could not have happened without the support of the German populace.

I hate it when people blame war crimes solely on the leaders. Just like now. It's not only Bush and his neo-con fascist buddies doing the evil in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghan and elsewhere. It's the majority of the American people that are going along and supporting the shit going down. Thankfully, that majority has finally started to shrink, but it's far too late for the innocents who have died and suffered at the hands of the good ole US of A.

God Bless Amerika.

Just rememer the (s)election of 2004. Yes, Ohio was stolen. But the sad fact of November 2004 is that is was a clear referendum on the continuation Iraq War and occupation. And most of the electorate voting then in this country showed the world what we are ---

a nation of killers and fanatics.

It's so much more than bad leaders.

It's only audience that's important.