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Community Memorial for Steven Lindemeyer

There will be a community memorial for Steven Lindenmeyer next Sunday, Sept. 10th at 6pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy. Liberty Hall is the new home of the IWW, which Steve was a dedicated member of. This will be a time for Steve's community of activists, friends, and family to come together to remember him and his work. Music will start at 6pm, and a brief program will start at 6:30pm. If you are able, please bring some food or drinks. In addition, we will be collecting money to help the family with expenses, or you can send a check to JwJ, or drop one off at the Albina Community Bank for the "Steve Lindenmeyer Memorial". Please mail it to Jobs with Justice, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland OR 97215

Portland IWW
311 N Ivy St
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phone: phone: (503) 231-5488
address: address: Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St

tell us more ... 06.Sep.2006 15:13


tell us more about steven! do you have a picture?

RIP Steve 06.Sep.2006 23:21


I am still a little fuzzy on the details of Steve's tragic death, but I will remember him as a kind and gentle man who was a very effective fighter for the cause(s).


Regarding Steve 07.Sep.2006 09:00


Steve was very active in the anti-war movement, the May Day rally this year, Jobs with Justice and the IWW. One PPRC member told me that behind all the anti-war rallies was Steve, making sure that all the details that make such events happen were done. He wasn't a out-front wave the flag kind of guy.

My experience was he was a quiet and considerate comrade. BEcause of this, a couple of times I was mistaken in thinking he hadn't been listening, or didn't care about a subject of discussion. HE would then make some of the most profound and considered comments usually illuminating the issue perfectly.

Many of us are also unclear of the details of his death. All we know is that he went hiking in the Gorge and his body was found in a train tunnel.