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80 Groups to Fight National Park Conservation Policies

The American Recreation Coalition never lets up in its effort to commercialize, privatize and motorize outdoor recreation. Pasted below is a news release they issued hours ago. They have raised the stakes in their effort to open America' Crown Jewels (our National Parks) to still more industrial strength recreation and tourism.

Having fought the ARC seemly alone since 1997, I am curious to see how this next fight shapes up. I am curious to see which 80 organizations dared to put their names next to that of Derrick Crandall and I am curious to see who will join with me in protecting our public lands from the ARC and from the cadre of wreckreation interests that values access (political and physical) so highly that they a prepared to dance with the devil himself.

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Eighty Organizations Call for Forum to Address NPS Issues

Public Lands | News Releases Posted on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 14:59.
Washington, D.C. - More than 80 organizations recently wrote to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior calling for an inquiry into why the national park system is failing to provide the American public with the appropriate level of visitation to meet the nation's mental, physical and spiritual needs. The organizations represent millions of outdoor recreation enthusiasts and segments of the recreation industry with sales exceeding $100 billion annually.
The letter notes that the national park system was created to provide enjoyment in the form of recreation and education. The U.S. system has inspired the creation of park systems around the world and has continued to grow in area in the U.S., now consisting of nearly 400 units covering more than 85 million acres. Yet, as the letter points out, despite this growth in size and a 25% increase in the U.S. population over two decades, and despite increased awareness of the value of parks in providing Americans with safe and enjoyable opportunities for physical activity, park visits have declined.

According to the American Recreation Coalition (ARC), which coordinated the letter, the National Park Service faces many challenges - but none more important overall than the threat of losing relevance to American families. "Support for national parks has been strong and broad," according to ARC President Derrick Crandall, "and has been anchored in memories of visits to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Americans have visited those parks and brought home a sense of grandeur - and a new commitment to conservation. But today national parks attract just 63 million visits annually - or about one visit per every five Americans. In reality, large numbers of international visitors and repeat visits by park enthusiasts mean that the actual percentage of Americans visiting our national parks is quite low."

Crandall said that the letter signers hope Interior Secretary Kempthorne will direct the National Park Service to create a forum to address these and other concerns, including a failure to promote greater awareness and use of units of the national park system's national recreation areas, national seashores, national lakeshores and national parkways. "Many of these areas are ideal locations for helping Americans build a relationship with our legacy of the Great Outdoors," said Crandall. To achieve this goal, he added, "We need to explore ways to welcome activities ranging from mountain biking to geocaching to rock climbing to better interpretation and education using new wireless technologies."

The 80 organizations which signed the letter to Mr. Kempthorne believe that Americans need our national park system today more than ever before - and that more use and enjoyment today are compatible with preservation of the resources for generations to come. "We look forward to working together to investigate and reverse the reasons for decline in benefits to the American people being provided by the national park system," concluded Mr. Crandall.

The American Recreation Coalition (ARC) is a Washington-based, nonprofit federation formed in 1979. Since its inception, ARC has sought to catalyze public/private partnerships to enhance and protect outdoor recreation. ARC provides a unified voice for recreation interests to ensure their full and active participation in the government policy making that is shaping present and future outdoor recreation resources, facilities and opportunities.

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80 organization 07.Sep.2006 20:10


Here they are.

America Outdoors David L. Brown Executive Director
American Association for Nude Recreation Erich Schuttauf, Executive Director
American Council of Snowmobile Associations Christine Jourdain, Executive Director
American Horse Council Jay Hickey, President
American Horse Publications Christine Brune, Executive Director
American Motorcyclist Association Peter Nonis, Senior Legislative Assistant
American Quarter Horse Association Tim Case, Senior Manager of
Public Policy
American Recreation Coalition Derrick Crandall, President
Americans for Responsible Recreational Access Larry E. Smith, Executive Director
American Saddlebred Horse Association Tracy Marshall, President
of Georgia
Appaloosa Horse Club Steve Taylor, Representative
Arkansas Chapter of the Missouri Foxtrotters- Cindy Fonken, Co-chair, Trail Programs
Trail Riders
Arkansas Horse Council, Inc. Betty Miller Jones, President
Arkansas Trail Riders Association Sherry L. Resecker, President
Association of Marina Industries Brooke Fishel, Operations Manager
Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs Bill Pfaff, President
Back Country Horsemen of America Merlyn Huso, Chairman
Letter to The Honorable Dirk Kempthorne
August 30, 2006
Page Three
Back Country Horsemen of America, Peggy Thompson, Representative
Buffalo River Chapter, Arkansas
Back Country Horsemen of America, Jim Chaney, Director
Front Range Chapter
Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico, Pat Buls, Secretary
Lower Rio Grande Chapter
Back Country Horsemen of Washington Kate Adair, Director
Willapa Hills Chapter
Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. Becky Kalagher, President
Beaver Valley Sno-Goers Melissa M. Wolf-Tveito, Secretary
BlueRibbon Coalition Greg Mumm, Executive Director
Boat Owners Association of the United States Ryck Lydecker, Assistant Vice
(BoatU.S.) President, Government Affairs
Colorado Snowmobile Association Janelle Kukuk, President
Equestrian Trails, Inc. Lynn Brown, National Trail Coordinator
Family Motor Coach Association Don Eversmann, Executive Director
Florida RV Trade Association Lance Wilson, Executive Director
Georgia Morgan Horse Club Debbie Ferrell, President
Good Sam Club Sue Bray, Executive Director
Gray Wolf Outfitters Glenn Cantwell
Greater Houston Horse Council Melodie Cleveland
Harrison Round Up Club Peggy Thompson
Horse Council of Nevada Bob Byer, President
Idaho Horse Council Jim Evans, President
Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs Steven A. Hefel, President
The Indiana Snowmobilers Association, Inc. Len Neisler, President
International Snowmobile Manufacturers Ed Klim, President
Kansas Horse Council Lise Streit, Executive Director
Marine Retailers Association of America Phil Keeter, President
Marine Trades Association of Maryland Susan Zellers, Executive Director
Michigan Boating Industries Association Van W. Snider, Jr., CAE, President
Michigan Snowmobile Association William D. Manson, Executive Director
Montana Outfitters and Guides Association Mac Minard, Executive Director
Motorcycle Industry Council Duane Taylor, Government Relations
National Alliance of Gateway Communities Aubrey King, President
National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds Linda Profaizer, President
National Forest Recreation Association Marily Reese, Executive Director
National Marine Manufacturers Association Monita W. Fontaine, Esq., Vice
President, Government Relations
National Park Hospitality Association Tod Hull, Washington Representative
Letter to The Honorable Dirk Kempthorne
August 30, 2006
Page Four
National Ski & Snowboard Retailers Association Thomas B. Doyle, President
National Tour Association Judith Thomas, Chairman and CEO
Nebraska State Snowmobile Association Stan Stutheit, President
New York State Horse Council George W. King, President
Northeast Snowmobile Club Association Donald Bergsgaard, Secretary
Northern Colorado Back Country Horsemen Nancy Flippin, President
Ohio Horse Council Michael Gerard, Director
Oregon State Snowmobile Association John Bastian, President
Paso Fino Horse Association C. J. Marcello, Jr., Executive Director
Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association, Inc. Val Weiner, Executive Director
Personal Watercraft Industry Association Maureen Healey, Executive Director
RAFT MAINE Wende Gray, Managing Director
Recreation Roundtable Ron Boeddeker, Chairman
Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association Phil Ingrassia, Vice President
for Communications
Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Richard Coon, President
Rockingham Riding Club Joan Allen, President
Roundup Riders of the Rockies, Rollin D. Barnard, President
Heritage and Trails Foundation, Inc.
Show Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen Elden L. Kreisel, Board Member
Siouxland Shady Brady Saddle Club Dorrine Norby
Snowmobile North Dakota Keri Wanner, Program Manager
Southeast Tourism Policy Council Bill Hardman, President and CEO
Specialty Equipment Market Association Steve McDonald, Vice President,
Government Affairs
Specialty Vehicle Institute of America Kathy Van Kleeck, Senior Vice
President, Government Relations
SUV Owners of America Ron DeFore, Executive Committee
Tennessee Horse Council Mike Moran, President
Tennessee Walking Horse Charles L. Hulsey, Executive Director
Breeders and Exhibitors Association
Tread Lightly!, Inc. Lori McCullough, Executive Director
Utah Snowmobile Association Ken Rossum, President
Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc. Ann Shangraw, President
Washington Outfitters and Guides Association Don Super, Vice President - Land-Based
Washington State Snowmobile Association Roger Brittain, President
Western States Tourism Policy Council Aubrey King, Representative
Wyoming State Snowmobile Association Ken Volker, President