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9.11 investigation

New Book Rips Giuliani's 'Incompetence' on 911

More fuel for the conspiracy fires
Harper Collins just released a new book about NYC Mayor Rudolph Giulani's behaviour on 911. Seems he did everything possible to separate the police and fire departments that awful morning. Radio malfunctions that cost lives could have been solved, and Bernard Kerik, who as police chief should have been personally in charge of rescue and security operations, simply acted all day as Rudi's personal bodyguard, his original job for Hizzoner. 911-Truth insiders who believe Rudi was a major figure in the conspiracy to attack America will find fuel for their theory here. Giuliani and Kerik's actions are indefenseable, and can only truly be understood as deliberated sabotage. The new Village Voice has a front page story about this book- Check it out here  http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0635%2Cbarrett%2C74322%2C6.html