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Take your Stand for Peace Today!

Weekly vigil/demonstration/protest continues at military recruiting office
Why they hate us
Why they hate us
Please come make your outrage over the bloody mess in Iraq be known. Join other peace-loving people in front of the armed forces recruiting office at 1317 NE Broadway, Portland, from 5:30-6:30.
What About Salem ? 05.Sep.2006 14:44

Vic and Glenda

We are going to start doing this in Salem at the recruiting office on Lancaster Drive. Anyone else want to join us , or have any ideas , please e-mail us at  vic_pittman@hotmail.com . This is a time for action !! Inaction doesnt cut it anymore !!! Rock on , fellow Patriots ! V & G

watch & enjoy 06.Sep.2006 09:18

popcorn fan

Watch this two minute video, made by a group who entered Andrews Air Force Base at night and tagged
Air Force One.