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Another successful Oak Grove Peace vigil, Saturday September 2

Even though it was a holiday weekend and some of our regular vigilers
were working the Clackamas County Democratic Party table at the Oregon
state fair, we had an excellent turnout last Saturday, September 2, for
our Oak Grove peace vigil at McLoughlin (99E) and Oak Grove Boulevards.
in Oak Grove, an event which takes place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays
of each month from 12 noon to 1 pm. Twenty-four people were there,
several of them for the first time.
Peaceful Warriors
Peaceful Warriors
Arriving a bit late at about two minutes after 12 noon, I noticed
that an enthusiastic chorus of honking horns and cheers from passers by
had already started sounding off. And it occured to me then that even
though we were only a small group, we nevertheless were raising a lot of
consciousness because anyone within earshot could easily observe the
reception we were getting and know that if he or she were opposed to the
war, they were not alone -- that they in fact shared the opinion of the
majority. And those few who had something negative to say -- there are
always a few -- seemed not so bold as when we first started 16 weeks

Also, I wanted to share with you something that one of our group sent
me in response to my last email where the question of whether we should
get out of Iraq now was discussed:

"The American Friends Serivce Committee said it all, in simple
language that any fool knew before the thing even started. We have to come
home now. No negotiations, no nuthin'. What do we have to negotiate
about? Who are we? We need to come home, period. Then we need to say, what
would you like us to do to help? UH, maybe we could fix some of that
stuff of yours that we broke. But first we need to just leave, no
questions asked. No matter what awful thing we think might happen, could it be
worse than what we have done?? Of course not. That argument is just an
excuse to hang around and hope to get some of what we want out of the
thing. It is disingenuous. 'You can go by bus, you can go by cow. Marvin
K Mooney, will you please go now?' Seuss"

Please mark your calendar now for the next Oak Grove peace vigil,
September 16. Bring your own sign or use one from our growing collection.
Also coming up soon are

1. the Oregon City Vigil for Peace on Wednesday night, September 6,
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, corner of John Adams and 7th Avenue, contact
 harpy@pcez.com or 503 279-9328,

2. expanded Friday rally, "Just Say No to the 'War on Terror': 9/11
Five Years Later," September 8 at 5 pm, Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW
Yamhill and Morrison, contact Peace and Justice Works at 503-236-3065 or
 iraq@pjw.info, (this event happens every Friday) and

3. Forum: "Aftermath of 9/11, Five Years Later: US Policy Past,
Present and Future," Saturday, September 16, 2006, 6:30 to 9 pm, First
Unitarian Church, 1011 SW 12th, Portland.

See you soon,


Rumsfeld's Rancor getting old (note
especially where this was published, i.e.,
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the heart of red

"Rumsfeld's campaign against Americans is a sign that he is looking
up the road and
sees himself sitting at a table in front
of a Congressional committee chaired by
Democrats. And the more he senses that
reality about to drop on him, the more he
will up the ante in the PR war to cast
Americans as treasonous turncoats."

Even some of the Republicans are finally getting it!
"Slowly Sidling to Iraq's Exit"

phone: phone: 503-653-5179

thanks 06.Sep.2006 11:51


for your efforts in holding regular vigils
it does make a difference