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0904 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, September 4th, Labor Day, 2006.
1. Portland police arrested the hit and run driver who critically injured a cyclist at 122nd and Division - a deadly intersection for anyone not piloting an F350. The man already was facing charges of reckless driving, driving while suspended ('suspended' from what?) and driving uninsured.
2. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people gathered in the Park Blocks yesterday in a show of support for undocumented immigrants. More marches are planned this week all across the country.
3. Oregon Right To Life - that's the anti-abortion lunatic fringe lobby - is so desperate that it is backing Ron Saxton. Saxton says he's pro-abortion but the enemy of his enemy is his friend.
4. Out-Foxed: FOX News accidentally cheerfully noised off over the inclusion of Mary Starrett's name on the November ballot. FOX failed to realize that this is a not in the best interests of the state Republican Party.
5. Medicare recipients in Oregon are surprised that they are getting screwed in the old "doughnut hole" by Bush and his cronies in the pharmaceutical industry.
6. From the Department of Fecklessness: More misguided surprise: Forest fires are, for the most part, caused by people. (Hugging the trees is fine; just don't set them on fire... )
7. Over t he last 25 year unions have steadily declined in membership and power. Real wages have fallen yet productivity is up. According to the numbers, the US economy is booming. So where did the money go? ... No! You're kidding... Why, they wouldn't dare...
8. A southern California Indian tribe is rolling in casino cash and is going to use some of its riches to fund a potentially precedent-setting legal fight. The tribe says that Indians are exempt from US Labor Laws because they are sovereign governments. Presumably this leaves them free top exploit themselves to their heart's content. Sometimes you just can't win for losing...
9. Northwest Airlines employees wrote the book on CHAOS strikes. They invented the stealth technique whereby management never knows where or when a strike will, uh, well strike. (Management is of course responsible for catastrophic mistakes that have lead to the airline's financial crash dive, yet the employees are the ones that Management expects to foot the bill for its own mistakes.)
10. All across the country this weekend smaller independent newspapers editorial pages lamented the demise of unions. (Larger papers have no actual editor; It's all done by a computer in Rupert Murdoch's basement.
11. Freshwater fish are tainted with - of all things! - Flame retardant. (So if you catch a fish and it spontaneously combusts, does this mean that it's safe to eat? Just wondered... )
12. US wind energy installations now exceed 10 thousand megawatts in generating capacity, and produce enough electricity on a typical day to power the equivalent of over 2.5 million homes.
13. A federal administrative law judge has ruled that the US Bureau of Land Management, the BLM, illegally dismissed a manager overseeing the clean up of the anaconda Mine. The Manager made the mistake of pointing out to his superiors that the job site was riddled with safety violations. Everything from radiation, air and water pollution, contamination of soil and groundwater...
14. This weekend was the climax of Burning Man 2006 at Black Rock Desert in Nevada.
15. And in a similar vein, Cindy Sheehan's Camp Democracy in Crawford, Texas is moving to Washington DC in order to spend more time with the President.
16. Congressional Democrats are planning to push for a vote of no confidence in Donald Rumsfeld this month as part of a broad effort to stay on the offensive ahead of the November midterm elections. Res Ipsa...
17. No Personal Data Left Behind: The Federal Education Department shared information on hundreds of student loan applications with the FBI over a 5-year period beginning - Mirabile Dictu! - after 9/11. The Feds say the program has been discontinued and they also would like to sell you a bridge...
18. Fire the Friendly Skies: More "friendly fire" in Afghanistan. A Canadian soldier with NATO forces in Afghanistan was killed when a NATO warplane accidentally strafed troops. In 2002 an American F-16 fighter mistakenly bombed Canadians on a pre-dawn training exercise (These things happen... You know how it is when you are just about to get to the last level of 'Assassin' and your cell phone rings... )
19. What! No Shrapnel?: Doctors in Gaza say that they have been seeing some strange and horrifying wounds. Looks like these wounds were caused by "unconventional weapons" of some sort. The wounds are characterized by fragmented organs without the expected fragments of ordnance. The Ministry of Health says the injuries raised the possibility the Israel was experimenting with "unprecedented" projectiles and "radiant" substances. Hellllooo, Dr. Mengele!
20. In Iraq, a 48-hour strike led by oil and gas workers in Basra last week signals a growing impatience with the US occupation and with the new 'Made-in-America' constitution. This constitution basically is the most regressive document the world has ever seen. It is Grover Norquist's ultimate wet dream. Underlying Iraqi Labor's struggle is the US plan to privatize everything, oil gas, food, medicine - the works.
21. And in Mexico this weekend, AMLO told hundreds of thousands of supporters that he would go ahead and set up what he called a "National Democratic Convention" in two weeks time. So now Mexico has two governments, one representing money and the other representing people...

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