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The Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition Pushes Forward

A small but intent crowd gathered yesterday at SW Salmon and Park to underline the need for serious reform of federal immigration laws. Attendees included farmworkers, union members, church-goers, socialists and anarchists.
The mobilization coincided with a national Labor Day Weekend effort to keep the pressure on lawmakers. Congress has been deliberating the question of immigration reform since the severely anti-immigrant HR 4437 passed the House in December of 2005, only to meet with unprecedented grassroots opposition. Organizers from the Portland Immigrants Rights Coalition say they are not supporting any of the current forms of the legislation because they all contain measures that would introduce severe hardship on some, if not all, immigrants.

Following a short rally, the group marched around downtown Portland, chanting and waving flags of the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and other countries of immigrant origin. The group tightened and gained energy and focus as it moved. It paused briefly to address the offices of GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton, who has taken a strong anti-immigrant stance. Upon return, attendees set about to sign a huge fabric scroll that will be sent to Congress along with the PIRC's position statement.

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Small? 05.Sep.2006 17:42


Sure, it wasn't as big as May Day, but Sunday's march of 1500-2000 people could hardly be called small. I heard some crowd estimates of 900 (still not too shappy), but most agreed that the 2 full blocks of tightly-packed people was at least 1500--which is bigger than most actions in this town. Smaller, yes. Small, no.

Just my $.02

One funny thing about the march--it seems like local anarchists and local racist vigilante fuckheads are using the same slogan: No Borders, No Nation. Ain't that cute? I knew what the folks in the march were talking about, but it seems like several reporters did not (see the Oregonian article). Maybe next time, add a touch more context, or come up with something altogether different (just a suggestion).

Minutemen vs. Anarchists 05.Sep.2006 17:52


oops--the Minutemen say "No Country"--still, it's pretty freakin' close.
Maybe next time use a verb, like "Smash"--you know "Smash the Border, Smash the State". I think that would clear up some of the confusion.
The Shitheads Harassing Workers in Cornelius
The Shitheads Harassing Workers in Cornelius

yeah... our bad. 06.Sep.2006 12:15


I was one of the four carrying the giant cardboard sign sporting "no nations, no borders." Though we thought the anarchist "A" symbol, as well as the slogan "power to the people" would clarify our stance from the get-go, apparently the oregonian wasn't listening as we chanted "no minutemen, no kkk, no fascist u.s.a." OH well, we know why we were there, and we're calling the Oregonian now to clear things up. We might even get a page two blurb about the flubb. Maybe if more anarchists had been there, (or more radicals in general), our impact would've been made unmistakable. Just a thought. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Next time we'll use more direct vernacular than "no." haha.

Where are the troublemakers 06.Sep.2006 23:37


Just like to add that we made that banner at the march and was in sort of rush. My friend told me about the minutemen/kkk guys using the "no borders no country" stuff after I already wrote the banner. Though I thought "power to the People" and a circle A would have cleared that up. Or that we where starting chants like "No Minutemen No KKK No Fascist USA".