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Olympia's Heat in the Street to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Olympia's Citizen's Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney kicked off a heat in the street action on September 1st. A committed group of people held signs on Percival Landing for the first of many actions to put the issue out there.
signs of impeachment
signs of impeachment
heat in the street
heat in the street
The signs were met with a lot of support from people in the cars as well as the walkers. It was the first day of Harbor Days and there were more people than usual at that corner. Many stopped to talk and a number signed petitions.

The group is continuing to hold public information meetings and has launched a petition drive which now has over 800 signatures! There is tremendous disenchantment over the many actions of Bush/Cheney and people have a place to make their voices heard. One woman said this is the first time she has been afraid to sign a petition; others joked about being rounded up by the government for signing. This is not a good omen for democracy. However, many brave people did sign, including people with children and spouses in the military; some are now in Iraq. They are angry about this war that was based on lies.

A few people were concerned that there would not be anyone to run the country if Bush and Cheney are impeached. Assuming that Bush and Cheney are eventually removed from office, the next in line is the speaker of the house. If the Republicans conduct the impeachment trial before the election, they will for sure maintain control of the White House. After the election--well, it will depend on who is the majority party.

Some have said impeachment won't make any difference. The impeachment, however, is not a judgment about legitimate, but stupid, policies. It is solely about breaking laws, failing to uphold the Constitution and for dismpowering the other branches of government. Those are impeachable offenses--and it is necessary to not let anyone President of Vice President think they are above the law.

A number of Bush/Cheney fans talk about Clinton and suggest that we are inconsistent (at best). They assume that we did not advocate for Clinton's impeachment. At this point, my response is 1) Clinton was in fact impeached (impeachment does not mean removed from office--it just means charges of high crimes and misdeamnors have been brought before Congress), 2) no one died because Clinton lied about his sexual activities, but many people died because Bush lied about the need for a war on Iraq; their lies are not equivalent; and 3) Clinton is history--move on.