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Xerox the Baby Killing Terrorists

I wonder if German Folk were able to send cards to their own Nazi butchers.

You can have the Xerox company send greetings cards to the Christian
terrorists that are in Iraq who are murdering innocent children,
thanking them for committing crimes against humanity as they try to
secure oil for the Republianzi fascist regime.

How thoughtful.
thanks 03.Sep.2006 15:51

for the tip

I sent one that asked the soldier to consider filing for C.O. status and to stop supporting the military/oil industry - it'll probably be deleted, but heck, we should all be sending messages out to them

HA 04.Sep.2006 16:47

Lady Celticfire

Hey thats a good idea... Xerox started something they probably didn't know they had.... We should post this EVERYWHERE.... Get a whole campaign going.... Send free cards to Iraq with Anti War Messages HA

thanks 05.Sep.2006 10:41


Thats fun