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Senseless Violence Leads To Silence 4th annual rally

Annual Senseless Violence Leads To Silence march and rally in honor of Asia Bell-James and all other victims of violence.
My Story - By Deronia James

My name is Deronia Lynn James and I am a resident of Portland, OR. My nephew, Tyrone James, 26, and his wife, Asia Renee Bell-James, 25, were victims of a fatal shooting. The shooting took Asia's life and left Tyrone blind. It has been so very hard on the children. They miss their mother.

Family Fights Together
It was a senseless act of violence if ever there was one. A young couple, out on their front porch celebrating a birthday and chilling on an autumn evening. Out of the darkness, bullets flew. Within minutes, 24-year-old Asia Bell-James was dead. Her husband, Tyrone James was blinded.
At first Tyrone wanted to give up, but he had three remarkable women in his life who wouldn't let him surrender to a gunman's dictates. His mother, Denise James, his aunt Deronia James, and Asia's mother, Perlia Bell encouraged him to fight. First, he fought to survive. Then he fought to thrive with his five chidren. Now he's fighting to find justice.

phone: phone: 503-247-2997

missing details 04.Sep.2006 02:45


like when and where?

Senseless Violence Leads To Silence 4th annual rally 07.Sep.2006 16:59


I was told that the march starts at 9:45 am Saturday morning September 9 2006. It starts at Irving park and ends at Alberta Park. Interactive theatre play starts at 12:30