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Back to Iraq

A recent Pentagon report stated:
"The Baghdad Coroner's Office reported 1,600 bodies arrived in June and more than 1,800 bodies in July, 90 percent of which were assessed to be the result of executions," the report states."
When Israel went ballistic and decided to murder Lebanese civilians in cold blood, the nation's attention was transferred from Iraq.

U.S. wounded as of August 30, 2006 stand at 19,773 and U.S. deaths stand at 2,642. We will probably see wounded surpass 20,000 in October and deaths surpassing 3,000 in November. The wounded figures do not take into account those soldiers not diagnosed yet with PTSD or other diseases they may have contracted during their tours.

In three major polls recently, all had numbers at least 66% AGAINST OUR PRESENCE IN IRAQ. Bush has been using his "stern face" lately to reiterate his position of our continued presence and the continued drain on our economy. Even mainstream Amerika is getting a bit tired of the word "terrorism". Look for a new moniker soon.

Meanwhile, while media is once again turning their cameras back towards Iraq, Israel continues to violate the ceasefire.

So much war - so little time for humanity.
neverending 03.Sep.2006 07:36

babies of war

The media is looking more at Tom Cruise than either Israel or Iraq. Oh, and football season is upon us once again. Meanwhile, Iran is on the horizon. You are so right when you say that we will soon be hearing something other than 'terrorism'. Rummy has already uttered, to my total shock, the Nazi word. I thought those guys were really afraid to approach that subject. Wouldn't ya think?.....

The U.S. wounded and killed figures are terrible and I shudder to think what the numbers are in Iraq...and Lebanon. It never ends. The talking heads are at this moment "pushing the war" (which one?) and the rest of us weep or cheer depending upon which branch of this tree we are born to. It is overwhelming, and yet, we must stand and speak out against the slaughter. I never want to look at my grandchild and have to say, "I did nothing".