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Memo in Support of Motion for NSA discovery in Oregon Green Scare Case

Below is a link to the .pdf copy of a memo filed with Eugene Federal District Court in support of the defendants' motion for the release of discovery that includes NSA wiretaps and FISA court warrants for surveillance. Kudos to Daniel McGowan's attorneys, Amanda Lee and Jeff Robinson for this excellent and thorough piece of work. A response from the government to this motion is expected by mid-September. Stay tuned...
"... the discovery in this case and other documents obtained by the defense plainly indicate that Mr. McGowan himself was of particular interest to the government for his political activities and his activities related to the support of prisoners [prior to his arrest]... Based on our review of the discovery, it appears that this government monitoring of Mr. McGowan's political and support activities occurred prior to when he first became a suspect or a person of interest in the investigation of the crimes for which he is now charged. In other words, Mr. McGowan was already on the counter-terror radar of government agencies before he became a suspect in this case. Common sense, reason, and appreciation of the lessons of monitoring campaigns gone by teaches that a person such as Mr. Mcgowan would fall within the scope of a warrantless monitoring scheme now."