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thermite at wtc

Professor Steven Jones has an explanation
There are no REASONABLE explanations for the molten metal at the world trade center 6 weeks after 9-11 if you subscribe to the government explanation. It is impossible for jet fuel to melt steel no matter how long it's exposed to jet fuel fire. If there is no way jet fuel can melt steel then how is it possible for steel to continue to be melted and yellow hot 6 weeks later? Professor Steven Jones has an explanation:
don't be side track by explations that are not based on facts not based on physics and material science when considering the molten metal at wtc issue
Thank you for this important reminder 02.Sep.2006 15:07


Almost dailey, the powers that be try slipping little or huge bits of disinformation into the mainstream media suggesting that anyone that doesn,t accept the government,s version of 9/11, is some kind of left wing conspiracy nut. This worked quite well for a while but the latest poll shows that a full third of Americans now doubt the government account and suspect a cover-up.
I dont have a phd in sciece but I know a lie when I hear one most often and I know when a story makes sense and when it dont. almost everything about the government account makes no sense at all. There are too many well respected writers, scholars, and well respected citizens out there putting their jobs and reputations on the line to get people to listen to the truth and the science that backs up the truth. These couragious Americans have little to gain and much to lose. These arent the kind of nuts that jump on the band wagon at the drop of a hat to make a name for themselves. These are real Americans that love the truth and their country and they are demanding as we all should, to know what really happened.
Needless to say, the monsters that pulled off this most horrific event are very cunning, organized, well trained, and above all well connected; especially with mainstream media. That is why you never can tell where the pro-government account of this tragedy may show up. Even otherwise progressive media outlets are still being tricked into supporting our governments lies. The latest example I have seen is this new photo journal book out called Watching The World Change. I heard the author, David Friend, interviewed on the Coast to Coast show last week and it seemed quite obvious to me that this guy is much more into selling the government story than he is into selling photo journalism. He siezed upon any chance he had to discredit anyone that does not buy the government account as being some kind of conspiracy nut. If you ask me, I say David Friend is probably just one of many government operatives out there selling propaganda I don't ask you to take my word or anyone elses. Do the homework. There is plenty of good scientific research out there to dipute government claims. And there is an overwhelming amount of evidence showing the deliberate attempt to conceal, and destroy evidence at all of the sites that were never protected as crime sites. Beware, there have been a couple of cover-up stories written in popular science and scientific american , but no serious, and free thinking scientist have given these two poorly written pieces any attention eccept to note that they are both feeble attempts to confuse lay people. What else can we do? I'm not sure. write your congressman, senator, newspaper, talk to your friends and neighbors, and go to any sceenings, workshops, or meetings and lectures where new evedence s being presented. Most importently, don't give up. I believe as many do that the only way to prevent world war three is to expose this cover-up and to get started with the tribunals. This is the same gang of neo-cons that think they can conquer and win over the eastern part of the world in another world war.


Thermite - my ass! 02.Sep.2006 19:26

The Justified Ancients of 9/11

Guess what - 9/11 kicked off on the opening day of the world's largest arms-trade fair, and it was the guys responsible for that arms-trade fair that told the world it was Osama, despite receiving threats from us, the anti-capitalists!
It doesn't take a 'scholar for ass' to realise that it wasn't Osama that had a go against the Pentagon (arms) and the world trade centre (trade) on the opening day of the arms-trade fair. (Am I repeating myself here?)
The 'scholars for truth' should be shot for their stupidity, their naive arrogance and their time-wasting! Let's get with the program and bring on an abolition of the arms-trade, shall we?



aboloshing arms trade. no dah, what a concept. i think most of us realize the evil that is laid to rest on the world from the military industrial complex style economy we have. c,wright mills explained this quite well over fifty years ago. just what does this arms-trade-fair have to do with getting corn syrup out of the food chain smart boy. do you know something the rest of us don't?

thermAte at WTC on 9/11 and EARTH is still ROUND ... (but not for long ?) 03.Sep.2006 20:42

elvis earp

dysinformation campaigns on the scale applied by the military industrial media complex regarding the truth about 9/11 usually work for a while ... and --hey-- don't you hear its fetid spluttering now?

I do.
THERMATE for Official Fable : Sunday afternoon Sept 10th st CINEMAGIC
THERMATE for Official Fable : Sunday afternoon Sept 10th st CINEMAGIC