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where does the money go? X marks the spot!

please take the time to download, archive and disseminate this info
Currently a US Senator, probably Ted Stevens, has placed a "SECRET HOLD" on the Senate Bill that would provide transparency on how the US Federal Goverment spends OUR money. US $ 400 BILLION of which goes to "DEFENSE" EVERY DAMN YEAR! Not counting the bill for the Iraq fiasco, or the $50 plus BILLION spent on "Intelligence" operations.... Don't Americans even care as they are reamed and beaten to a pulp 24/7?

For background on the disgraceful "Secret Hold" affair please see:  http://porkbusters.org/

Or the original Senate Bill S.2590:  http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c109:S.2590:

It occurs to me that we should take the time to examine and archive the info that we DO have access to!

Therefore I strongly urge you to consider downloading and going over in detail the info from the PROCUREMENT / STATISTICS section of this website:  http://siadapp.dior.whs.mil/index.html

There may be some interesting connections among those who are REAPING PROFIT HAND OVER FIST from the warmongering of Cheney-Baker-Bush Sr. mafia and the architects of their false flag ops. For example what does VISOR have to do with London Tube Incident of 7/7 and Rudy Giuliani, the "hero" of 9-11 (who was similarly on hand during the "drill" that took place that day)! And what do the corporate roles of Larry Silverstein, Dov Zakheim, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Conrad Black, and (the mummy that never dies) Henry Kissinger have to do with this continuing nightmare? It is such a droll reality that you will find...but sadly all true...

Might there be some CROSS-CONNECTIONS revealed in the public record? Look and you will find them.

Jimmy the Greek would lay odds 5:3 that the connections are right in front of your nose!

Read fast friends, the noose is closing and we are all in jeapordy from an especially frenzied octopus.