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election fraud oregon elections 2006

dont vote for "Mike Erickson" Oregon Congessional dist. 5

mike erickson who has had problems with backing up campaign claims regarding employment, residency, & business ownership since 1988, is now pretending to be the victim of unfair politics when confronted with these same issues again in his race against darlene hooley. come on mike, you cry-baby republicans lost the right to snivel about campaign tactics many dirty tricks ago.
PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR THIS SNIVELING CRYBABY CONSERVATIVE. After all the dirty tricks Carl Rove & associates have brought us during the Bush Crime Families rule of our country, the last thing we need is to hear a republican sniveling about dirty politics just because some very legitamate questions are being asked about discrepensies between his claim to have started a business in his basement in 1992, that didn't get incorporated with the state until 1999. This isn't the first time mr. slick has pushed the envelope of truth. There were questions about residency and employment history dating clear back to 1988 when he ran for a school board posision. Why any decent person would associate themselves with the party that has ransacked our economy, started & profitted from an illegal war, gutted our constitution, and tried their best to institute a theocracy in the United States based on the mid-evil Taliban in Afghanistan is beyong the thinking of most sane people.

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I agree about not voting for Erickson, but ... 02.Sep.2006 00:40


... Aranas is my choice.

Won't admit he's a Republican 02.Sep.2006 16:35


Erickson won't admit in his advertisements that he's a Republican.

Now I wonder why.



it is indeed a sad state of affairs, when we just go down the line and select democratic candidates and incumnents just to keep out gop candidates. i,rather reluctently had decided to do this for all upcoming elections because of my stong belief that most republicans are just a little lower than child molesters. no matter what the cause and no matter how bad you wish to win sometimes you must back up a little.
after doing just a small amount of homework it seems apparent that darlene hooley is just another selfserving career type politician and that she really has no principles that separate her from the criminals that currently are ruling our country. she like joe lieberman, is a democrat only in name. she like joe lieberman has been in a position to do something for quite a few years and instead has sold out to the forces that are leading democracy and freedom to ruin.
i have changed my mind. we can't just vote for someone based on party afilliation. paul aranas seems to stand behind his values & back what he believes in. in fact, paul seems to represent what the democrats are supposed to be representing. why cant we get people like paul into the democratic party. i'm afraid i know the answer already. it's because we have posers like darlene hooley, earl blumenauer, and joe lieberman wearing the democrat name tag.
i'm voting for paul aranas. i don't care if he's red or green or blue. he appears to be honest and doesn't smell like a politician.