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"fascist" meme now in full effect

So, bush, rumsfeld, fox news, etc are now in a full on attack on anyone who questions them. They are comparing the to NAZI appeasers and to supporters of Hitler.

Rove's method has always been: attack opponents calling them exactly what bush is doing in order to make it difficult for anyone to articulate what's going on and to put everyone on the defensive.

We must fight the NAZI meme offensively by conducting MASSIVE outspoken comparisons of the administration to the NAZI regime.

Keith Oberman has already started with his moderate version of it.

the meme war is on, and if we loose it, we may find ourselves in jail for our beleifs.
or worse 02.Sep.2006 09:07

xiu xiu

Bush will possibly try to KILL all of us. Prison is so expensive.

he will try 02.Sep.2006 15:53

kwai chang caine

Do not worry Grasshopper. He will not succeed in murdering all of us.