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Kaady anniversary

It's been a year since Fouad Kaady was killed in Sandy. What's going on?
It's been a year (Setmbr 8) since Fouad Kaady was killed in Sandy. Is anything planned? What's going on with the movement?
What to do 01.Sep.2006 14:10

What to do

Alas, nothing that we do on this day or any other will bring back either Mr. Kaady, or any of the hundreds of other people who have been killed by police violence. So I'm not sure that trying to mark a particular anniversary is the answer. I think that what we need to do now is to continue to demand some kind of justice, to continue to do the best that we can to protect each other from the police state. When you see someone stopped by the police, don't just drive on past. Stop and watch, wait with the person, and if you have a video camera, take it with you everywhere you go for just such an occasion. Do not let the police try to tell you that it's illegal to record them on videotape -- it is NOT. If they dare to try to arrest you and/or confiscate your camera, contact the NW Constitutional Rights Center immediately. Share your stories on indymedia.

If you live in Clackamas County, or in the city of Sandy, do everything in your power to see that the officials responsible for this crime are punished, that, at the very least, they lose their jobs. Refuse to allow Sheriff Roberts to be re-elected, demand accountability from your city and county governments. In Sandy, demand that Chief Skelton show the respect your community deserves by stepping down. Ask the mayor to fire him. Demand that Officer Bergin and Deputy Willard be punished. And if you can, find out where these men live and post it here. Their neighbors deserve to know what kind of killers they are.

Finally, I understand that the Portland Indymedia Video Collective has been working for some time on a video about the killing of Fouad Kaady. I do not know when it will be finished, but when it is, go to see it. Bring your friends. Wake up to the reality of police violence. We are paying their salaries, and we have the right to stop doing so when they turn their violence against us.

If anyone from the family of Fouad Kaady is reading this, please let the community know how we can support you.

hh 01.Sep.2006 14:37

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Pray for Peace

What to do? 03.Sep.2006 13:47


Take a thank you from Fouad's family. All you people really helped so much. It is not just for Fouad, but all the people who have suffered the same deadly fate with absolutely no accountability. I do know that Fouad did impact the Clackamas County Sheriff's office and others will now live who would have in aforetime been slain.