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Bioterror Threat to New England traced to USDA

A Vermont farmer's website received a bioterror threat against New England which was traced to a United States Department of Agriculture specific IP address
A Vermont farmer's anti-National Animal Identification System (NAIS) website has apparently stepped on the USDA's toes.

 link to nonais.org

Recently, the State of Vermont decided not to participate in the Premise Registration plan being pushed by USDA in advance of their intent to RFID microchip every potential "meat" animal in the United States by 2009. Animals included with the usual meat livestock are horses, fish, llamas, wool sheep, alpacas, along with most exotics.

 link to animalid.aphis.usda.gov

The following threat dated August 29, 2006 was traced to the USDA Office of the Chief Information Officer in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Thanks Vermont, for opening an avenue for those that wish to use animal diseases as a bio-eco-terrorism tool. We would have tried to start along the SW border but that's now just to obvious. Thanks! We'll take the NE corner and work our way in that way.

[Readers may be interested to know that the above comment came directly from the USDA Office of Operations.
Here is the IP address info that came in with this comment:
Author : ABET (IP: , cofc.aphis.usda.gov)
See this article for comments on this comment. -WJ]
Comment ABET August 29, 2006 @ 9:59 am

To date, the FBI has declined an investigation leaving it to the USDA to do an internal one.

How capable is USDA of watching its own henhouse, let alone ours?

Citizens of the United States absolutely need to become familiarized with the USDA's monstrous plan to RFID microchip every animal and GPS Premise Register every farm and in this nation.


address: address: North Dakota

Update on NoNais Site 06.Sep.2006 20:21


 link to nonais.org

Direct link to above story about United States Department of Agriculture bioterror threat to New England on a Vermont farmer's website.