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Mike Malloy Fired from Air America Radio

Mike Malloy, one of the most popular radio hosts in the U.S.and heard locally from 10pm to 1am, was fired yesterday from Air America Radio. Thus far, even Malloy doesn't know why he was fired, other than that AAR told him it was for "financial reasons."
Mike Malloy, one of the most popular talk radio hosts in the country, especially as a voice for the left, has been fired by Air America Radio ("AAR").

Malloy's termination comes at a time when he's been highly critical of Israel for its aggressive military attacks upon civilians both in Lebanon and Palestine. Many people are now asking whether Malloy's termination is related to such criticism.

Several weeks ago, Malloy boldly stated on the air that he reserved the right to criticize any country for its corrupt policies, including Israel. He said that if anyone had a problem with that, they should take it up with his boss.

Did some pro-Israel advertisers do just that and threaten to withdraw sponsorship?

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that AAR has lost its most powerful critic of Israel's militaristic policies in the Middle East.

Some reports and blogs are stating that he was fired for questioning the offical story of 9-11

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People are also signing an online petition to get Malloy reinstated at:  http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?Malloy&1

Save Mike Malloy


It Figures 01.Sep.2006 14:53

Minerva's Owl

Mike Malloy was one of the true progressive voices on AAR. I hope he finds a new home soon. AAR has been a failing enterprise from the day of its inception. Today, by the way, Sept. 1, the flagship station in New York moved from 1190 AM (WLIB) to 1600 AM (WWRL) which has a much weaker signal. And, although you can still stream the programming on the Internet, there isn't too much going on there anymore.

Who can take the wisy washy, working class basher, Jerry Springer seriously, anyway? And, the very unfunny Al Franken is breathtakingly boring. Randi Rhodes, although very enthusiastic, is there for pure entertainment purposes. I also get the feeling that with slight modification, the "fiery" Sam Seder could become an effective shill for the GOP without suffering too much internal pain. A big paycheck would probably do the trick.

Apropos, Rachel Maddow once actually said that she's paid to be a "Democrat." Talk about ideals and commitment!

And, it goes without saying that one criticizes Israel on AAR at his or her peril. Mike is too real for AAR.

not surprised 01.Sep.2006 15:08

there's certainly room in portland for two lefty stations

They fired vegetarian Marc Maron last year, and they drove Janeane Garofalo out this summer for (in part) explicitly religious reasons. (She was involved with a charity run by Scientologists -- she's an atheist and thinks all religions are equally stupid.) Notwithstanding Randi Rhodes' status as the big star at AA, a lot of people thought Maron was their strongest talent, and his morning show was the only one worth downloading later if you missed it.

The people running Air America are slowly shaking out all the weirdos. Soon everybody on KPOJ will sound the same.

Sick of sanitized talk radio? 01.Sep.2006 16:40

Jody Paulson

Here are some alternatives to the neutered, watered-down fare you get on Air America (though I do like Randi Rhodes ... she still doesn't quite *get it* ...)

Unwelcome Guests

Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner

Steppin' Out of Babylon with Sue Supriano

I like a lot of shows on San Francisco's KGO as well. My litmus test is whether or not the host is willing to seriously consider the possibility of 9-11 being an inside job. Neither are militant about it, but at least the intrepid and always entertaining Ray Taliaferro and Karel are willing to hear their listeners out on the subject.  http://www.kgoam810.com/home.asp

Mike was on Sacramento AA todat 01.Sep.2006 17:19


Some more news on Mike's firing: Snagged from Bartcop.

Hey Bart, I'm listening to Mike talk to our Air America affiliate here in Sacramento...

He said that it WAS a financial decision...one of the big wigs wasn't seeing a big enough return on their investment apparantly and was looking to cut expense(maybe he shoulda tried Haliburton??)

Mike says that that Laura Flanders will be taking over his spot and since Flanders comes with her own sponsors, Air America doesn't have to pay her...as Mike said, it took them about 7 seconds to make the decisions to can Mike- who was the lowest paid in the bunch by the way...

He mentioned the lack of radio background that more than one of the CEO's have. Goldberg, who came from the record industry, screwed up things pretty bad, thus was given a nice golden parachute in Mike's words, and they brought in a guy who's from the freakin' cosmetics industry (oy, my head is starting to hurt)...

He was asked if there was a chance that his stance on certain political issues (Israel, 9/11) played a factor is his being fired. He didn't dismiss it, but I didn't get the feeling from him that that was a main reason...he said that it was important to discuss those issues especially cuz they're politically taboo - what a concept, eh?

He says there's no chance of him coming back to Air America- even if they begged him. They embarrased him, let him talk about his upcoming renewed contract and return to NYC, then finds out ON HIS WAY TO WORK that he's fired.

He was on our affiliate for an hour, took some calls, ranted a bit with our local hosts, and it felt like our own little personal Malloy show- as good a swan song as anyone could hope for, I guess...

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a head's up from what I heard this morning... I'm pissed off to be sure and sent a comment to AA saying so. Way to be an example of how a liberal/progressive radio network deals with employment/business issues- fire him on his way to work...assholes.


That's Too Bad 02.Sep.2006 12:14


Malloy was very real and not afraid to say what's on his mind. He is also a very credible/knowledgable person. Randi, despite what some feel, is retty darn good and has been getting more vocal in the past year, no doubt due to frustration. Al Franken is no different than listening to NPR and he was pretty much silent when it came to Israel. Laura Flanders seems pretty decent as does Thom Hartman.

KPOJ a Clear Channel station 03.Sep.2006 14:51

media nut

In Portland, Oregon, Air America is broadcast on a station owned by Clear Channel (google the company name if you need to learn more about this friend-of-the Bush-family mega-multi-national almost-a-media-monopoly corporation).

They own music venues, giant outdoor ad displays on Times Square in NYC; TV, radio stations and a daily newspaper in India; interactive billboards in South Africa; and more radio stations than almost any other corp. in the US (and they are pressuring the U.S. govm'nt to be allowed to own even more).

Clear Channel has censored or disallowed ads critical of the war in Iraq; anti-Walmart and pro-union ads and others.

Just imagine if we had their kind of international visibility and media power to use for telling the truth, and for pro-peace and social justice issues?

With Clear Channel's daily visual and aural barrage, with the political power and will to firmly shape American public opinion, why would they tolerate, for long, someone who is honest and intelligently critical of the U.S. status quo?

Clear Channel Outdoor (formerly AK media) also is the outdoor advertising company that sued the City of Portland over the existence of a community mural program administered by the Regional Arts and Culture Council. A trial to decide this issue (can artists paint neighborhood walls, or will we just have more giant billboards and wall-sized ads?) begins October 2, 2006 in Mult. County Circuit Court.