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SE Bike Path Closed?

I was commuting to work today on my bike and came upon a very strange thing along my usual route along the train tracks... A cop.
I was riding my bike to work in SE heading West on Clinton towards downtown; crossed 11th avenue and rode towards the gravel path along the train track. As I pulled up onto the path a cop was coming towards me in his SUV with his lights on and stopped me. He said I could no longer use the path because Amtrak complained and it was private property.

Does anyone know anything about this?
liability 01.Sep.2006 11:45


If they don't complain and someone gets hit by a train then they can potentially be held liable for that. The cop chased you off because he happened to see you. I wouldn't worry about it, just keep using it, look out for trains, and be all "gawrsh I'm sawry" if you run across any more of pdx finest.

By the way, you could shoot up 11th to Division, and then sidewalk it down to that little street that crosses the tracks (yeah, it's a one-way with no sidewalk as it crosses the tracks, but only for like 50 feet), and then pedal down through OMSIland. That's what I always do.

i love 02.Sep.2006 02:37

that little gravel

path...it's hard to imagine a pig suv on that narrow path; that sounds dangerous. and the cop, by veering onto the obvious pedestrian short cut, was endangering your safety...to protect what, a railroad track...this is so absurd...keep riding, flip 'em the bird, take him on a high speed chase...see if the asshole follows onto the ped path behind omsi and leading up to the pedestrian onramp to the hawthorne bridge, all for the sake of protecting the railroad tracks...the police need to be stopped dead in their tracks before they tAKE over our BIKE PATHS...ON A RELATED NOTE; A MOTORCYCLE COP SPED DOWN THE SPRINGDALe CORRIDOR, late one night, down to the Sellwood bridge and back. This is so fucking dangerous for bikers; i was star gazin and owl gazing, hunkered down in the south meadow, across from oaks park; it was about one or two in the morning...these fuckers need to keep their motorized vehicles off of OUR bike and pedestrian paths...they need to climb on their bikes to use the ped paths, not fucking suvs and motorcycles, lazy fat asses...

RR cop 04.Sep.2006 21:41

camcorder truth jihad

Oh, it was probably one of those rail dicks or "railroad special agents" they call them. They have unlimited powers on RR property and they drive SUV's. They have been cracking down especially along the union pacific route. They have no mercy and will cite anyone near their property so watch your selfs.