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Reminder: Saturday, September 1 Peace Vigil 12 noon - 1pm

Saturday is going to be another hot day, but one particular corner in the strip mall territory of greater Portland is going to be really hot, because a dedicated group of American patriots will be there beginning at 12 noon to protest the US occupation of Iraq! Come and add your presence, your voice and your energy to this important neighborhood statement for peace, which happens on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month from 12 noon to 1 pm on the corner of McLoughlin and Oak Grove Blvds., by the Fred Meyer store in Oak Grove. Even as a small group, we bring attention to the fact that two-thirds of the people in America are opposed to this war. Bring your own sign or use one of ours.
Draft Proposal for a Peace Resolution for the Democratic Party of Oregon
Draft Proposal for a Peace Resolution for the Democratic Party of Oregon
Peace is the only answer! Despite the fact that the Bush administration admits that "things are bad" in Iraq and that "not enough" progress is being made, they will never admit that bombing and killing people will never convince them to be our friends instead of our enemies. Yet we in the international peace movement can claim that progress is being made toward our goal of peace: if we were not having some impact on the White House and the Pentagon, they wouldn't have bothered to admit that they are not making "enough progress" in Iraq.

But should we get out? Won't that make things worse and aren't we responsible for the mess we have made over there?

I for one cannot begin to think I know the answer to that question. Bush and Co. have done so much lying all along that now, we can't believe a word they say. I was impressed with the American Friends Service Committee's (Quaker) analysis (see website following). Yes, we are responsible. But we also need the Bush administration to admit that what we are doing just isn't working -- it's making things worse and worse. Rumsfeld needs to focus on that fact instead of accusing us war critics of "appeasing" the terrorists.

So if you can't make it Saturday, September 2, 12 noon to 1 pm (or however much time you can give) get out your calendar right now and reserve the days: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Please call if you have any questions .. 503-653-5179.



PS: Please also see the attached draft, Proposal for a Peace Resolution for the Democratic Party of Oregon, a project that some Clackamas County democrats are working on, and will be submitting next week for approval. I hope you will participate in the drafting of this document. Just email Nancy,  madstitcher007@yahoo.com with your comments.

Ten Reasons Why the US Must Leave Iraq
(American Friends Service Committee)

The Declaration of Peace, a nonviolent action campaign for an end to the US War in Iraq

Nonviolence and terrorism

phone: phone: 5036535179