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:: IRAQ: Basrah Oil Workers’ Strike – update ::

Oil-pipeline Workers in Basrah have given the authorities a deadline for Thursday, 31st of August for meeting their previously forwarded demands; otherwise, they will resume with their strike which they brought to a standstill after the positive promises they were given. The deadline coincides with the beginning of a week-end. The further the strike could restart may be on Sunday, the beginning of the working week in Iraq.
Meeting of Leaders and Activists of Oil Sector in Baghdad

The leaders of technicians' unions of the oil sector met in the headquarters of the FWCUI on Tuesday the 29th of August 2006. Samir Al-Mousawi, the union president, in addition to Ghazi Al-Saadi and Mahmoud Ghadhban who are the representatives of the union leadership.

Throughout a meeting of two hours, the decision was to hold an inclusive gathering for the leading unionists with the workers on Monday 4-9-2006 in order to finalize the demands and decide a deadline for the authorities, otherwise, a general strike will be held to join the previous oil strike of the south.

Two members of the executive committee of the FWCUI attended, Subhi Al Badri and Owffee Madhee in addition to the president of FWCUI, Falah Alwan.

The demands to be discussed and forwarded for the authorities are the following:
* Housing the workers
* Raising the minimum salaries
* Expanding limits of promotion and salary
* Turning contracted workers into full-timers
* Demolishing bureaucracy and corruption
This meeting happens in a time when there are preparations for workers' protest at a national scale including the oil sector in Basrah, Cement workers in Suleimaniah and employees of the Baghdad Municipality and other sectors.

The representatives of the Central Oil Fields (Baghdad and vicinity), Al Dora Refinery, Al Taji Gas, Oil Projects, Engineering Oil Industries and the Oil Institution will all participate in the general gathering.

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