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Interview with James Spooner, director of the Afro-Punk documentary.
This episode is not work safe.

Interview with James Spooner, director of Afro-Punk, the documentary.

We discuss what the Afro-Punk documentary is about and why he made the movie; how he chose the four people he decided to focus on in the documentary; how he dealt with issues of identity in the punk scene; what is the crossover appeal of punk for black kids; the bands that appeared in the documentary; why he dropped "The Rock 'N' Roll Nigger Experience" from the documentary's subtitle; getting Afro-Punk theatrically distributed; the production quality of the movie; my interview with American Hardcore's Steve Blush; has the American Hardcore documentary helped promote the Afro-Punk documentary; footage of Bad Brains; changes that happened while working on Afro-Punk; what would he have done differently with Afro-Punk if he had to do it all over again with skills and insight he has now; what has changed for black youths into punk since he was a kid; Maximum Rock 'N' Roll; other themes and projects he'd like to explore; the Afro-Punk message board.

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