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Let us all send Radio Shack a Pink Slip

Radio Shack yesterday terminated over fifteen hundred employees
Yesterday, Radio Shack announced a downsizing, and the termination of over fifteen hundred employees. This is not new in Corporate Amerikael, but they added a new and disgusting twist: They sent the pink slips in the form of EMAIL! Yup, "you've got a pink slip!" Have a nice day.
They were given a half an hour to clear out their desks, lockers, and whatever, and get the hell out.
Since they love email so much, here is their addy:  customer.relations@RadioShack.com

Let us all let them know how much we appreciate their heartless treatment of the working class.
corporate business behavior does not include respecting other people... 31.Aug.2006 19:30

this thing here

"what do you mean i'm fired? show me the e-mail. i'm sorry supervisor, but my monitor isn't working, along with the new printer, because we don't have the upgraded drivers installed yet. if i'm really fired, you'll have to print me up a pink slip right now, unless you want me to think this is some kind of a joke."

MEMO: to Radio Shack Operations Dept. from HR

Next time, to save resources and prevent potential unfavorable p.r. liabilities, go ahead and shoot any terminated employee in the back and dispose of the body in on site dumpsters and trash compactors after store close down procedures are finished. - Thanks, HR Dept.

the generation of capital is in no way a sign of respect for anything at all, other than itself....

I'd be happy to send an email 31.Aug.2006 19:52


If I knew this were true. Please include a link to your sources when writing an article like this.

Sources, exactly 31.Aug.2006 20:21


Sources! Exactly - that is what is missing with so many of these stories. Please provide sources. If it's a first hand account, say so, otherwise provide sources. That is the difference between verifiable media that can be respected and that which has to be questioned.

Good Luck to the Laid Off Folks 31.Aug.2006 20:40


I saw this in the corporate news.

I've been laid-off in the past and thought the world had come to
an end, but I found out quickly I should have beaten them to the
punch and just plain quit. I found much more suitable work and fair
employers, and hope the RS people will too.

Radio Shack is a "has been" company anyway. They're on the way out.
Their hey-day was the 70's - maybe the 80's.
They used to be the only banana on the block. Not anymore.
They can't compete with Fry's, Circuit City, Best Buy, The Internet, et al.

Source 31.Aug.2006 20:47

Well, actually

Scuse me, forgot that no one here ever pays any attention to the corp media. I felt disposed not to quote them, but the front page of today's O business page, Very large article. Last night, channel 8, tonight again, and any other freakin corporate news source that you choose. O, and you could also write to Radio Shack themselves, or simply GOOGLE. Do I haveta do everything for you?

numbers wrong 31.Aug.2006 20:52

not 1500

My email 01.Sep.2006 08:33


Dear Radio Shack,

This email notice is to let you know that I and my family are firing you as our source of electronic parts and products.

Have a nice day.

why 01.Sep.2006 11:50

all the flack

I myself like to consume less in all areas of life and I particularly make a point to consume less paper. The employees had knowledge in advance the "pink slips" would be generated electronically. What's the big deal? Would hearing it from someone in person or receiving an actual piece of paper change the outcome? They were given some severence pay which alot of companies don't do anymore. Lay-offs are never easy to deal with but I see no problem with electronic notification. That was one of the original premises of computers - that less paper would be generated - which never turned out to be true to any great extent.

"A company spokeswoman, Kay Jackson, said that employees had been told in a series of meetings that layoff notices would be delivered electronically and that they had been invited to ask questions before Tuesday's notification on an intranet site."

"Laid-off workers received one to three weeks of pay for each year of service, up to 16 weeks for hourly employees and 36 weeks for those with base pay of at least $90,000."

"The company announced Aug. 10 that it would cut 400 to 450 jobs, mostly at headquarters, to cut expenses and "improve its long-term competitive position."

The story is easily googable.

here is one reason this stinks for the former employees 01.Sep.2006 20:56

where's your paperwork?

Often, when applying for living support such as food stamps / unemployment / low-cost health insurance / what have you, you must provide supporting paperwork for your most previous job. If the email was really the only communication about termination, an applicant would have to ask for a letter in writing stating that they no longer work for that company and were laid off.

Radio Shack disgusts me SO MUCH! They could have a niche market with patriotic Americans or those who want to support (as local as possible) their local economies who want to buy stuff that is made in the USA, but Radio Shack instead has made in China made in China made in China. I don't think I could even get (years ago, when I last shopped there) a German-made pocket radio (like a Grundig), let alone Made in USA.

I want Radio Shack to die. It's the same cheap crap that everyone else has, but from a much more stupid company.

not 02.Sep.2006 11:57


with low-cost insurance applications but both food stamps and unemployment do not require you to provide a letter of lay-off from the employer. In emergency situations, the food stamp intake worker can telephone the company for verification. Employers are required to file notices with unemployment. Many of the employees will not be eligible immediately for these items anyway due to the serverance pay package even though they should immediately apply for their benefits. After their ten day waiting period with unemployment then can then begin claiming weeks and they will then possess an actual document for other types of applications. Excess paper is waste and I happen to love trees.

I don't shop at radio shack but I will ask if every single company you do business with any day of the year is "pure" - like your internet provider.