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Are we due for the much-discussed "next 9/11" in Chicago, on or around 9/11, 2006? A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, the commander of the cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, writes a powerful letter of warning to the US Army Inspector General and other US VIP's, warning that the next set up event is ready to be staged in Chicago between 9/7 and 9/11, 2006 -- and the newspapers are telling all about it in advance.

Foreword to Lt. General Green
US Army Inspector General

Thank you for your correspondence of yesterday, answering my article about Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, the decorated Active Duty Army intelligence analyst and a Ghost Troop, and who is a member of Ghost Troop. He is connected with another Ghost Troop you know, US Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (Qatar), a former Asst. Secretary of the Navy.

As you know, these two patriots, like all Ghost Troops, have been involved in and witnesses to suspicious terror drills in the last three years, the particulars of which are now being covered by the media and investigated by your office. We are issuing a red alert on the basis of an alarming article from the Chicago Sun-Times, which we think describes a an attempt by US officials to stage a "Chicago 9/11" attack on September 7, 2006:


Since the danger at hand involves people and matters central to a case you're already working on, has Army connections and represents a grave threat to the American People, I request that you take all appropriate actions to protect our citizens and constitution. Ghost Troop will be following up on this alert with another public affairs mission, like those you are already investigating that involved our members Ambassador Untermeyer and SFC Buswell. I am quite willing -- even eager -- to discuss our methodology with any interested intelligence professional, and can be reached through my editor at the Lone Star Iconoclast, Mr. Leon Smith.

Notes on Mayor Daley and his Chicago 9/11 Exercises in May, 2006

In the Chicago Sun-Times article, Mayor Daley's gives strong assurances that the 9/7 Chicago 9/11 exercises are nothing to worry about. His words, though, don't reassure us at all. As you know from your Ghost Troop IG case, we detected and published an earlier Chicago 9/11 drill, suspiciously like this one, that had been set up secretly by Homeland Security early in 2006, and was set to run this May (5/2 - 5/4). On 4/26, alerted to exercises by our Internet associates, we contacted involved officials and learned about the exercise, which simulated the collapse of a major building, which we believe was the Sears Tower.

On 4/26 -- the same day -- we issued a red alert, and sent it to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich via his National Guard and Chicago Police, as well as via other military commands. We also published it internationally on the Internet. The next day Governor Blagojevich issued a press release confirming the exercise details we had reported. Things seemed quites suspicious, especially after we later found out that Mayor Daley was away from Chicago during the terror exercises -- in Israeli with Israeli intelligence services.

Setting the Stage with Time Running Out

Time is running out for the Bush Administration, which explains everything else. The US media, which has sold every official story to lead the nation to war after 9/11, is currently preparing the American People for the planned Chicago 9/11 terror attack. In July they reported that Al Qaeda "homegrown" terrorists in Florida were planning to destroy the Sears Tower (Chicago). In August they reported an Al Qaeda terror plot to destroy UK-US airplanes over the Atlantic, and pointed out that the attack was to have been bloodier than 9/11 itself. The story line so far leads to something like a Chicago 9/11, with a catastrophic body count.

If the attack doesn't happen before the Congressional elections in November, it will be a disaster for the Bush Administration. Congress will be overrun by Democrats who have difficult questions to which there are no easy answers. Future Congressional leaders are already mentioning possible oversight, investigation and impeachment of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. When the Nixon Administration once reached this low point, the Armed Forces were alert against the possibility that they might use the military to create an emergency situation -- like another 9/11.

This current Congress can still be relied on to avoid doing its duty, especially if it is hit with an attack, like the one five years ago, just as it returns from the summer recess. Several months ago some Congressional leaders made speeches about requiring the Bush Administration to ask for Congressional approval -- as required by the Constitution -- before starting a war with Iran. Since then, though, it has allowed itself to be ignored, meaning that the Bush Administration still has the green light to do whatever it wants -- at least until a new Congress comes to power.

The Israel Lobby is pushing for a regional war with Iran, starting with a strategic air strike against it that would likely result in a world war. As far as Israel's concerned, this is an "existential" war -- for their very existence. To them, any reduction in the US presence in the region is the beginning of their end. Before the Iraq war, they pushed hard for an invasion, saying that the road to Jerusalem passed through Baghdad, and the Bush Administration complied. Now that things in the Mideast are a mess, they are pushing for an attack, this time saying that the road to Jerusalem passes through Tehran, and the Bush Administration is complying.

The post-9/11 war plan to dominate the Middle East has failed, with a disastrous quicksand war in Iraq. We can't continue to fight as we have fought. The public is burned out, though, just like the volunteer military that has been deployed for the last four years. The Bush Administration must either pull out of the geopolitical game or double its bets by escalating the war to win back its losses. The American People will never allow an unpopular leader to gamble their lives, liberties and children on an expanded war -- unless there's another 9/11.

A Family Affair -- with Cult Codes

Last week the current President Bush (43) met with the former President Bush (41), which may have been a meeting to prepare for the next 9/11 and World War Three. They were shown in "attack boat" photos reminding us of Senior's service in Navy during World War Two, speeding toward martial glory. It was a war propaganda photo, much like when Bush 43 took "Mission Accomplished" photos in a pilot uniform after his Mayday landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln shortly after the Iraq war began in April, 2003.

This week the Bush Administration has begun to use world war rhetoric about saving Western Civilization from political enemies. It has called all parties who oppose US domination of the Middle East Islamo-fascists, and all those who don't want to fight them Appeasers, like who wrongly tried to avoid the last world war. The signs and speeches are emphatic:

"We need to attack Iran, the new Fascist Germany. Those who don't agree with us are blind and dangerous to our homeland. History will approve us, and future generations will thank us."

In photos from their recent meeting, the two Bushes wore the distinctive numbers they wore for the first time the weekend they met after 9/11. The hat numbers are 41 for the senior Bush, and 43 for the junior Bush, and mark their order in the presidential number sequence. Numbers are always of high interest to the Bush family. Generations of Bush men have belonged to a elite secret society, the Skull and Bones, which uses codes like those that show show up in the dates of terror attacks.

The Skull and Bones are small in number, but quite dangerous, as they gravitate toward the controlling positions in the nation's war apparatus of intelligence and military services. They idealize war as the highest (and most profitable) pursuit. They control the US Intelligence services at present, through Skull and Bones member John Negroponte. Negroponte is the most powerful US intelligence official in history, installed as National Intelligence Director. The Skull and Bones have provided two out of the last three presidents with Bush 41 and Bush 43, and were positioned to hold the presidency no matter who won the election of 2004, since both Bush 43 and his opponent, John Kerry, were Skull and Bones members. The US Media mentions none of this.

Chicago's Target Dates: 9/7, 9/9, 9/11

Coded dates gives them a secret calendar of time lines and deadlines for staging terror events. They use numbers as their blueprint, like masons building a temple of great detail and size, and they consider it an art form. They choose what they consider to be powerful numbers, and their patterns are not at all coincidental.

9/7 is the most likely date for a Chicago 9/11 attack. They've already prepared the exercise for that target date, and say they are ready for anything. Note that the number of the date is a descending odd-number code: 9, 7. This may match up with the numbers in the Bush hats, with Bush "43" meaning 4+3 or 7; and Bush "41" meaning 4+1 or 5. Thus the exercise date, 9, 7 is part of sequence that also contains the Bush numbers, 7, 5

9/9 is a dangerous, too. Remember how they used the date 7/7 (London) as a link to 7/11 (Mumbai). Using the same coding, they may want to link a 9/9 (Chicago) to 9/11 (NY/DC). Just as 7x11 (Mumbai) = 77 (London), so 9x11 (NY/DC) = 99 (Chicago). The 9/9 date is rich with code possibilities.

9/11 is quite an important date this year, since it's the 5th anniversary of the original 9/11. It has a frightening symmetry, too, when you examine the full date of 9/11/06 and remove the zero, as they do. Notice that the resulting 9/11/6 gives a most rare number, which, if you flipped it over, would give you a 6/11/9. It's a sort of mirror number, their sort of number, which means nothing to the unaware but screams out its significance to those who understand the number code. Finally, this year's 9/11 may be a hidden "5/11," since it's the "5th" anniversary of the original "11" of 9/11. If we have a 5/11 "secret date" for "the fifth 9/11" then it would complete their major attacks coded date sequence:

9/11 (NY/DC)
7/11 (Mumbai)
5/11 (Chicago)
3/11 (Madrid)

More Details of a Terror Plot

They originally said Al Qaeda would attack the Sears Tower back on 9/11, when reported that the Sears Tower (Chicago) and the Library Tower (Los Angeles) were on the original Al Qaeda target list. They've been preparing the attack since then. Larry Silverstein, who has close connections to Israel, runs the Sears Tower, and made his bid to purchase the Sears Tower on the very day of the 2004 Madrid: 3/11. He's the same Larry Silverstein who was the owner of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Sears Tower has 110 floors, as did each of the Twin Towers. Remove the zero in 110 and find the code number "11." The Sears Tower zip code is the scariest number of them all. It's 60606, which becomes "666," a destruction number if there ever was one.

The US media repeatedly reports that Al Qaeda returns to its attack any target it has already tried to attack. Again, according to the US media's Al Qaeda script, Chicago has been a marked target since the 9/11/01. Should a Chicago 9/11 occur soon, the US media will be quick to point out that the attack wasn't really a surprise at all.

If the Chicago 9/11 event occurs, the Bush Administration will have achieved its goal of creating a pretext for World War Three. It will use nuclear weapons against Iran, which will respond with region-wide attacks in the Middle East, effectively beginning a major war. The Bush Administration will then mobilize the USA, which currently suffers, Bush 43 tells us, of a "strained psyche."

All of this will mean a return to the draft, economic deprivation and further tightening of national police powers -- and more 9/11's, if necessary. It will also begin official retaliations against patriot groups like Ghost Troop who have caused so many problems for high officials who conspired to commit mass murder and high treason against the American People.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS about Prior Evidence

Had it not been for the Ghost Troop involvement in alerting Chicago to the prior 9/11 exercise held in May (5/2 - 5/4), I believe the Chicago 9/11 attack would already have occurred. Without our efforts no warning of the secret exercises would have reached the public, and no impediment would have stopped the plan. I offer the three resources below to any who are interested in what happened last time, and how close we came to the next 9/11 then. If we are not vigilant, we will not do so well this time.

1. My red alert letter to Illinois Governor Blagoevich, Illinois National Guard, Indiana National Guard and Chicago Police, prior to the May 2-4 exercises:  http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2006/05/ghost_troop_com.html

2. A resource page prepared by the Irish 911 Truth Movement on our role the May 2-4 Chicago 911 attempt, which contains my interviews with broadcast media as the situation developed:  http://www.911truth.ie/ghosttroop.html

3. My most recent radio interview, with references to my intelligence writings for the Lone Star Iconoclast, discussing Ghost Troop's methods and history, and explaining SFC Buswell's role in our unit:  http://visibility911.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=123423

Houston, Texas

homepage: homepage: http://www.ghosttroop.net
address: address: Houston, Texas

thermite at wtc 02.Sep.2006 10:45


There are no REASONABLE explanations for the molten metal at the world trade center 6 weeks after 9-11 if you subscribe to the government explanation. It is impossible for jet fuel to melt steel no matter how long it's exposed to jet fuel fire. If there is no way jet fuel can melt steel then how is it possible for steel to continue to be melted and yellow hot 6 weeks later? Professor Steven Jones has an explanation:

The Utter Silliness of Numerology 05.Sep.2006 06:43

RTO Trainer rto.trainer@gmail.com

The biggest problem with numerology is that I can settle on a conclusion and then tailor my persuit of the numbers to justify that conclusion. Here's an example:

Eric Homes May
Using Chaldean numerology, the "Soul Number" for the name "Eric" is 6.
The "Desire Number" for "Holmes" is 6.
The "Destiny Number" for "May" is 6.
So, clearly, the name "Eric Holmes May" contains a "hidden" 666, and we all know what that means, right?

Fact is, I can do something very similar with my own name, I just have to use Pythagorean numerological values to accomplish it, but hey, any port in a storm. And Ghost Troop is good at seeking out the ports.

CPT May in his narrative of the epiphany that lead to his being able to decipher the 9/11 code says that one of the first steps in this journey was the realization that it was exactly 911 days from 11 September 2001 to 11 March 2004, the Madrid train bombing. Such an interesting tidbit. And it's also wrong. There are 912 days between the two events. But why let facts get in the way of a good theory?

Ghost Troop's brand of numerology though appears to be a modern strain, as opposed to the Classical versions I've employed above, closely related to what is sometimes referred to as Masonic numerology. In this system specific numbers are given particular attention: 3, 7, 11, 13 and multiples of these. But, somehow, they relate all of this back to the administration of George W. Bush. Most other similar theories show a vein of Masonic, sometimes, Masonic-Zionist, sometimes Masonic-Zionist-Jesuit, conspiracy that run all through US history. I'm not going to relate all of that here, far too many electrons on the Internet have been wasted in such service already.

In the end, it doesn't matter what method they employ. These people see what they wish to see. If you don't see it too, you are deluded, or a traitor and even if they turn out to be wrong in the event, well, they are actually the heroes of the story as their inquiry and "getting the word out" forced the hands of the evil ones and prevented the outcomes they had warned of.

As a final thought I leave you with another fun, and equally meaningless, exercise. If we rearrange the letters in "Eric Holmes May" we can produce as an anagram the phrase, 'A mil schemer, yo!"