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0831 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, August 31st, 2006
1. Keep your eyes on Measures 46, 47 and 48. That's where the out-of-state money action is.
2. Greg Walden made a campaign commercial up in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Walden, Walden Jr. and young friends made much of the candidate's support of wilderness areas. Trouble is that he didn't bother getting a permit. Must have figured that being Republican made him entitled...
3. Yet another commercial enterprise wants a piece of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. The Davenport Connecticut corporation wants permits to put a geothermal facility on public land near, but not actually in the caldera. (That dishonor would go to Shitbird James Miller who has already filed a Measure 37 claim for 157 acres where he plans to build a resort.)
4. Earl Blumenaur's political platform is 'livability. Seems safe enough... who doesn't like livability. (Can we move on to stopping the current war on Iraq and the up-coming war on Iran..Please?)
5. Next comes a story from the Oregon News Service: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the rivers, it turns out that something else got there first. There is fecal and other mater concentrated in "toxic mixing zones." (Shudder). Where? Where are these "zones"? could be just about anywhere so don't swim and fer Gawdssake don't eat the fish - if you can find any...
6. Jefferson High held a forum last night for parents and neighbors to get to know the new principle, Leon Dudley. There will two more such get-togethers. It's a Neighborhood Thing. Get out there and participate.
7. Thin blue Line: Two Spokane cops turned in a third cop. It happened one night at a rock concert: Cop Number Three was seen by his compares buying a cookie ($1) which was alleged to contain marijuana. (When they arrested him they found $300 in one dollar bills and cookie crumbs in the trunk of his car.)
8. Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson has enraged the American Legion conventioneers by telling them that the Bush government is a "complete disaster." He organized a protest rally just hours before Bush was due to arrive, invited Cindy Sheehan - the works! What a guy. You can hear his remarks on various alternative news sites.
9. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced - cue drum-roll, trumpets, Souzaphone - that California was going to lead the tepid charge to stop climate change. It sounds good, especially around election time. But take a closer look at this dog of a law: All it is is energy credit trading. In other words, buying the right to pollution from other companies that are actually doing something about the problem. (This is like the fellow who wants to go to Canada. He's doing 85 mph in the direction of Mexico. Someone tells him that Canada is the other way, so he slows down to 65... )
10. The Marines who are charged with murder are facing some rather compelling evidence. One of them sent a video home in which he says he thinks they did something "very bad." This "very bad" happened in Hamdania. The Marines couldn't find the insurgents they were chasing so they randomly entered a house, dragged a 52 year old man out, shot him 14 times and then tried to make it look like he was burying bombs. Semper Fi, Indeed... ))
11. Democrats are asking Bush to dismiss crony Ken Tomlinson - the man who attempted to tank public broadcasting in this country. (To name just one of Ken's exploits: He used corporation money to run his horse racing enterprise... .It goes downhill from there... )
12. His handlers have Bush all fluffed up for a series of warmonger speeches.
13. The AFL-CIO is spending $40 million dollars on a pro-labor ad campaign.
14. Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye has broken up with Joseph Lieberman.
15. A Vermont appeals court has sided - unanimously - with a middle school student who was punished for wearing a t-shirt to school that featured Bush, lines of blow, Martini glasses and the words, 'World Domination Tour' (I definitely want one of those shirts... )
16. Iran says, 'No way. No how.' To the UN which has been thoroughly whipped by Ambassador John Bolton. (And would the Associated Press please hire someone to translate Arabic so we don't have to listen to some editor's notion of what really is inflammatory language? Please? Oh I see... .you don't really want the American public to know what's on Ahmedinejad's mind... )
17. Another 66 people are dead in Iraq.
18. Israel rejected UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's demand that it end the blockade of Lebanon.
19. And the UN also is not happy about Israel deliberately dropping thousands of cluster bombs that weren't supposed to detonate on impact with the ground but rather in the hands of civilians, many of them children...
20. Be Careful Which Enemy You Kill: Many of their Friends Are Really Dangerous. In Pakistan's Baloch region, a very popular freedom fighter, statesman and "warlord" was killed this week. The Oxford-educated Nawab Akbar Bugti was "accidentally" killed in a raid. Even the Pakistani military concedes that this was a terrible mistake. The man has been deeply involved in politics for his whole life and he was a true leader in a truly leaderless land... .
21. "Why Can't Everybody Just Get Along": Now Israel has gone and done it: It has even [pissed off good old President Mahmoud Abbas. He's siding with civil servants who still have not been paid.
22. In Mexico City, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says that he does not recognize the 'official', CIA-sanctioned and backed results of the election. There is talk of a "parallel government" and somewhere in the darkness just beyond the stage lights, Violent Revolt watches the play... ..
23. Kim 'Krazy' Jong-il is purported to be on a train bound for Beijing to talk with Chinese leaders about a possible nuclear test.
24. A year after the vile inhuman destruction of hundred of thousand of houses and businesses, Zimbabwe's government has done nothing to alleviate the suffering of it's people.
25. Pham Hong Son, a prominent Vietnamese dissident and pro-democracy activist has been released from jail early.
26. Prisoners in the Philippines are shaving their heads and donating the hair to the clean up of the massive oil spill. Human hair, you see, is one of the best materials there is for absorbing oil spills.

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