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Ideas For Schumacher Fur Arrestee

March 4th 2006
As most of you know I had my court date for "Resisting arrest" "Dissordly Conduct" "Interfering With A Public Sidewalk" on March 4th 2006 at Schumacher Furs. I only got charged with one offence which was Interfering with a public sidewalk. I need to raise $350.00 for court fees. Anyone have any ideas so I can get this taken care of? I had a job and then got fired the next day after court. Please help and post some ideas to this bulletin
thank you
Photo of Disgusting Bully-cops 31.Aug.2006 08:28

Den Mark, Vancouver

The photo is angering, of the typical fat-bully-cop take-down of a small harmless protester. How can these fat fucks live with their grotesque selves.

Anyway, at any IDA protest, pass the hat, & i bet you end up with some bucks toward that obscene fine you have to pay, levied by a system that has not one particle of decency.

wasn't this same fat-bully-cop PoPiggy 31.Aug.2006 09:14


on KGW's local news yesterday in some "feel-good" cop production made to delude the viewing sheepeople
into believing these guys doing nothing but "good" all day long when they are in they're uniform, and as today's example here is how they do it. The poor indoctrinated viewer has no idea this same piece
of shit shown on a 20-second PR segment is also an asshole that abuses fellow-citizens, and in fact,
seemingly does that far more than he does the little 20-seconds he seemingly does "good". Its great
that PIMC dishes out the TRUTH rather than corporate-fascist propaganda like local TV. Thanks PIMC!

IDA Protest 31.Aug.2006 09:27


To bad I cant be within 2 city blocks of schumachers otherwise I would.

what about 31.Aug.2006 12:08


give a fellow protester the hat to pass and return to you

Shouldn't be too hard, mon ami 31.Aug.2006 13:45

S. pants

The Red and Black will let you do benefits for free. I'll help you organize something fun if you want. I'll see you later and we'll talk.