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Aranas Rally/Hooley Protest in Salem Ignored by Jonbenetstream Media

A tow truck was called out to Darlene Hooley's office on Monday, August 28, to "tow away protestors' cars" from a parking lot for Hooley's constituents, according to the truck driver. Paul Aranas, Pacific Green Party challenger in District 5, has asked for a debate with incumbent Darlene Hooley, whose reticence is understandable.
A group of Pacific Green Party supporters were threatened in Salem Monday with having their cars towed from a lot next to Democratic Congresswoman Darlene Hooley's office while they were engaged in a rally to support their candidate, Paul Aranas, and to protest Hooley's complicity with Bush Administration war crimes in the Middle East.

The tow truck driver specifically stated that he was ordered to "tow away protestors' cars." The rally participants claimed that they were Hooley's constituents and that they were therefore legally entitled to park there. The lot was only partially full at the time.

Aranas and three other people spoke at the rally, which was ignored by the jonbenetstream media. After the speeches, a group including Aranas entered Hooley's office to submit petitions to her. She was reported unavailable for comment.

Aranas has advanced consistent and principled positions on the war in Iraq as well as the conflicts in Lebanon and Palestine. He has formally asked Hooley to debate him twice, but she has so far refused.

Hooley's representatives claimed that Aranas had submitted his proposals to the "wrong office", alleging that her "campaign office" would be the appropriate place. Aranas contended that he had already submitted similar materials to the same office, and no mention was made of another office at that time.

This incident follows by less than two weeks the claim by a Portland man that he was assaulted by Democratic Party security at a "Unity" event in Portland after he yelled at Earl Blumenauer for his unqualified support for Israeli war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.

The Democratic Party of Oregon may need to re-visit its policies regarding dissent if they want us to believe that they are a true alternative to Republican gangsterism.
after-word: police called out 30.Aug.2006 16:11


After I posted this story, I was informed by one of the organizers of the rally that the police were called out to Hooley's office after I left the rally. No one was arrested, although the climate of fear was palpable to all.

Keep Up The Pressure 30.Aug.2006 16:56

Den Mark, Vancouver

Keep pushing, harder & harder. We're trying to do that here in Vancouver, too, where two senators & one rep have local offices. And keep up the calls to DC. Staff people there are paid to receive calls, even tho they sometimes complain. Their job is to take our calls, as many as we care to make. The call is free, so call a lot, increasingly as we move toward Sept 21 & national actions. Call, call, call. Visit, visit, visit. Those offices & those phones belong to US!

800-270-0309 (Capitol switchboard, ask for the congressperson of your choice.)