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Mexico vote fraud contention getting bloody, a difficulty in CFR's NAU fascist plot...

The whole contention between Bush picked candidate Calderon versus more "domestically loyal" Obrador heats up, and with it, endangers "peaceful democratic destruction" planned on the watch of Calderon--by his CFR masters who want a NAU. the NAU is the North American Union, replete with its own "extrajurisditional" currency, its own borders, and its own appointed court system that the three traitorous co-opted right wings of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have already "agreeed upon." Each of the right wings in these three countries have already sold their populations down the river.

What happens in Mexico may unravel the CFR's plans...details follow...it connects back into the 9-11 networks of U.S. perpetration, since Mexico escaped Mossad terrorism on the Mexican Congress. This made the CFR's NAU go awry ever since that, in October 2001....
"That's my boy, Caldy! Self-dismantle Mexican democracy for the CFR."
Calderon, Bush Puppet
Calderon, Bush Puppet
Little intro essay with links on what I think about all this--

The only interesting point that makes me wary in Mexico is that these are really reminiscent of the same CIA patented "grass roots revolution as U.S. IMF coup" tactics that have been used in the past 10 years from Serbia onwards on recalcitrant local states that resisted external manipulation of their "democracies":


however, in Mexico, since they 'indigenously' came from the Mexican south (from elaborations off a long simmering teachers strike), I think that is unlikely.


Second, I think it is unlikely that the CIA wants Mexico to be a basket case since vote frauding Bush--who stole his 2000 and 2004 elections and launched two unConstitutional wars so far--is so anxious to support the (questionable official tallies of the) Calderon candidate, personally "congratulating him".

Third, something like this was bound to happen in my opinion anyway given long term Mexican immiseration effects of NAFTA/corporate globalization and Mexican financial deregulation that has only allowed the U.S. in origin investments to dominate the whole capital flow and pursestrings of Mexican investment from Salinas onward to further impoverish Mexico.

Fourth, it was bound to turn ugly anyway politically as well, since the same party that Obrador ran within had Presidential elections stolen from them within living memory in 1988. Both these political and economic issues are all getting merged up now.

"About a quarter of a million people [later marches up to 2 million] chanting "Fraud! Fraud!" jammed Mexico City's Zocalo. --- The crowd chanted, "Strong, strong!" when Obrador stepped to the microphone and declared IFE "played with the hopes" of millions of Mexicans by rigging the vote total. Thousands chanted back: "You are not alone!" Obrador told the rowdy but nonviolent he would present allegations of fraudulent vote tallies to Federal Electoral Tribunal and demand recount, ballot by ballot. He stopped short of calling for civil disobedience, eliciting groans from demonstrators when he asked them not to block highways. "This is a peaceful movement, and we are never going to allow ourselves to be provoked by our adversaries," he said. Seconds later, he called for nationwide marches starting Wednesday converging on Mexico City from all over Mexico--for another rally, next Sunday, July 16, as the seven-judge panel weighs appeal. The crowd raucously yelled back: "What time?" Obrador to take it to Mex Supreme Court to throw out election IFE "results" as well.

"After López Obrador left the stage...the crowd lingered. Someone started singing the national anthem, and countless voices joined in its rallying cry: "Mexicans, to the shout of war!" (line from the anthem)...Many in the crowd said they were ready for a fight if Lopez Obrador did not prevail. "To the death!" shouted Maria Irene Ramirez, a 53-year-old retired railroad worker from Hidalgo state...."We are ready to do whatever is necessary," said Belasario Cruz, 32, a farmer from Tabasco. "We are tired of the rich having everything and the poor having nothing."...."This is 1988 all over again," says one man..."They did it to us then but they won't get away with it this time."....Mauricio Marmolejo, a PRD supporter, says he would allow Mr Calderón's victory only over his [own] dead body....[A] group of people are growing visibly angry."

I hope it can be resolved without bloodshed, though it seems that the parties in power made that decision for bloodshed first. They are the ones that anticipate blood as the only way they will get to keep the presidency.

Fourth, there is a huge ethnic color line of Mexican ethic racism--against the indigenous groups. This is involved in this contested election, and fifth, in how the whole "seats and votes" issue benefits the less populous north of Mexico though raw population majorities, even by IFE 'standards,' went Obrador. This Presidential election was a vote on a continuation of previous NAFTA like policies or their rejection.

...nation has been divided almost exactly in half along political, economic, geographical and racial lines, split between the industrial north and the impoverished, highly indigenous south. According to fraudulent IFE, each have won 16 states, split north versus south-- although southern states supporting Lopez Obrador, who won capital of Mexico City as well by a million votes, constitute raw electoral majority or 54% of population, even by IFE "standards".

For a hypothetical comparison I expect, it would be as if all Black Americans from the south decided to as a block call into question Bush's 2000 election because a Black American candidate had vote fraud against him by the Bush clique--to keep him out of the Presidency. Then the group conducted the same tactics by occupying Southern state capitals and Washington DC with tent cities, setting up pirate radio stations, taking over radio and TV stations, shutting off major travel infrastructure arteries--and then the governors of these states reacted by bombing them with tear gas and private mercenary automatic weaponry killing and wounding many black protesters. This is what has happened in the past several weeks in Mexico along the "Mexican white/Mexican mestizo" color line, with violence escalating by the State, instead of the people). It was hardly so long ago that similar tactics of violence on unarmed protesters were used in the U.S. "unofficially" as well--the 1960s and Jim Crow laws.

Sixth, there is the interesting point that Mexico in Bush's "ideal war on terrorTM" would already be giving the U.S. cheap oil so the U.S. could have attacked Saudi Arabia 'in the first round.' Why do you think they put all those fake Saudi names of the "hijackers"TM on TV (when NONE of them actually appear on any of the plane rosters, and many of the faces used are still alive according to the BBC)--and then "identifying them" for the American public as "mostly Saudi in origin"? That was a meme to direct justification to attack Saudi Arabia. This is a meme that has remained unused in the 'war on terror' (war of terrorism) so far across the Middle East unleashed by the U.S. and Israel, though from news story attacking Saudi Arabia was on their short list in the 'first round as well'. (Recent "terrorism" in Saudi Arabia occurred like clockwork, on their oil refineries, the moment Saudis told the world they were going to expand production to meet world desires and to thus lower oil prices. Then Saudis reversed their previously stated policies.


Seventh, note that it was ex-Israel Mossad that were caught attempting to blow up the Mexican Parliament building only one month after 9-11-01 to the day, likely aided by the current clique in power in Mexico's aid that we see now attempting to shift the power position holders to Calderon after PRI/Fox suffered huge defeats.

Two Israelis arrested with bombs in the Mexican Congress
As reported in La Vox De Aztlan, two men posing as press photographers, one of them a former Israeli Colonel and Mossad agent, were arrested INSIDE the Mexican congress on October 10, 2001 armed with 9-mm pistols, nine grenades, explosives, three detonators, and 58 bullets, but were released following intense pressure from the Israeli Embassy. "We believe that the two Zionists terrorist were going to blow up the Mexican Congress. The second phase was to mobilize both the Mexican and US press to blame Osama bin Laden. Most likely then Mexico would declare war on Afghanistan as well, commit troops and all the oil it could spare to combat "Islamic terrorism." "

A similar coterie of people ostensibly Israel is noted in the 9-11 attacks, regardless of the blackout about that in the U.S., though that fails to mean that the whole state is involved....just as it is silly to assume that the whole U.S. is somehow complicit in 9-11. It's a very small high powered group:

Project Throwing Star: 150 points that specific Israelis and Bushes responsible for 9-11
author: grouping
Bracked numbers indicate individual complicity of particular Israelis --- 150 EVIDENCE POINTS show Bush family/Israel CONDUCTED TERRORISM ON WTC hit from 1976-2001 --- Project Throwing Star: 150 evidence points that specific Israelis are responsible for 9-11 with Bush family, built from serious treasonous infiltration by an Israeli double agent fifth column in the U.S., connected with infiltration by Jewish organized crime and Mossad drug dealing; this is a list of ISRAELI NAMES who can definitely be implicated either as ACCESSORIES BEFORE THE FACT or ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT in the 9-11 strikes. However, the list has nothing to do with "Israel the state" or "Zionism" or "anti-Zionism." Ideologies or whole states in abstract are unable to have legal cases built against them. Only people can. --- All specific Israelis mentioned below are accused of facilitating or carrying out the 9-11 attacks. --- This list concentrates on particular interlocks between Israeli and U.S. citizens individually responsible for 9-11 events. Individual Israeli citizens are hardly the only group involved in 9-11, because it depended upon high treason of the Bush family, most of Bush Administration, high treason of U.S. military, and espionage by NATO. Other key institutions on U.S. side of operation would be Committee on the Present Danger, CSIS, and Team B. Avoid throwing collectivist guilt trips; go after invididual criminals. See an int'l organized crime, drug-running, terrorism network of both Israel and United States for what it is--a separate, parasitical, self-destructive, self-interested cabal eroding both these states, instead of loyal. The evidence is overwhelming, and the death penalty is too good for them.

President Fox simply shipped the two Israeli-in-origin terrorists, Salvador Guersson Smecke, age 34, and Saur Ben Zvi, age 27--out of Mexico instead of punishing them! "Mexican Army General Rafael Marcial Macedo de la Concha who heads the Procuraduría General de la República (Mexican Department of Justice) has released the retired Israeli Defense Forces colonel and presumed MOSSAD agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and Israeli illegal immigrant Saur Ben Zvi after both had penetrated the security of the Mexican Congress and where in possession of guns, hand grenades and explosives."

Eighth, I think about this NAU thing as key: Bush wants a "neocon Mexico" to peaceably self-destroy itself on their watch as Bush has done in the U.S.. Bush wants a friendly puppet on the throne in Mexico for the NAU self-disintegration of Mexico into the "North American Union". With the NAU, Bush gets U.S./Canada 'rights' to police the Mexican southern border---that is the southern border of Mexico, against Guatamala and Belize. Bush and Fox decided upon it together, in person, in 2005.

Title: VIDEO: CNN Lou Dobbs segment: Bush's "North American Union"--no treaty, unConstitutional
Date: 2006.07.03 03:43
Description: NAU enteres into trade treaty policies (the "streamlining of all meat policies" down to the lowest common denominator, thus more risk for all!)--though it's illegal to move foward on it! These three rogue executives of all three countries, Mexico, U.S., Canada, illegally moving on with the silence of their respective lesiglatures, despite it being patently illegal what they are doing, and despite it only going to destroy the economies of the three similar to what NAFTA did, though even more. ***And U.S./Canada will have 'rights' to police the Mexican southern border***---that is the southern border of Mexico, against Guatemala and Belize, instead of the U.S. southern border, that Bush prefers to keep wide open and refuses to deal with existing immigration laws. The NAU: three evil rogue executive branches all breaking the law, destroying their people's capacity to influence their national economies will they be stopped?
Title: 9-11 NAU CFR-Enabled "Revolution From Above": Destroy U.S., Mexico, Canada for NAU/Ameros
Author: Leland Lehrman
Date: 2006.07.08 09:14
Description: 9-11 related issues-- are that state terrorist perpetrators on the American side are involved in this same Fourth Reich/CFR "revolution from above" wearing different hats. They NAU group is the same profiteers getting rich off insurance fraud in 9-11 controlled demolitions of the WTCs and WTC7, while simultaneously moving whole North American continent a rightless, "de-legislatured and de-Constitutionalized" police state. The "North American Union", more euphemistically is the Bush family's and CFR plans for a microwave RFID driven Fourth Reich one-party police state under systemic vote fraud. They are on record planning to submerge the U.S. Constitution below, as well as statements in public that the whole Congress should be "overruled" and voided by such appointed NAU people. They plan to take all North America--Mexico, United States, Canada--while voiding all three of their democratic legislative institutions (however thin), voiding all three of their currencies, and voiding all three of their pro-consumer/worker regulations policies, and voiding judicial frameworks (they even want a NAU unelected "court!"--to drive everybody toward lowest common denominator. It's all wrapped in the already established continental wide military of NORTHCOM--really NATO staffed--now occupying North America. This NATO overlordship started the day of 9-11, with NATO AWACS (and planes straight from the Swedish military on 9-11) authorized to overfly U.S.,...If NORAD stood down to let 9-11 happen, it did so to justify the expansion of their military dictatorship in the making into NORTHCOM over Mexico, United States, and Canada--where all future "terror attacks" and "terror response" (and what kind of response) is under an international NATO staff.
Title: Bush's Real Goal - Dissolve America Into NAU, the (Nazi) North American Union Fourth Reich
Date: 2006.05.20 07:33
Description: What they are using in North America regarding fake 9-11 "justifications": "President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy....North American Union plan, which Vincente Fox has every reason to presume President Bush is still following [since Bush and Fox decided upon it together, in person, in 2005], calls for...only border...around the North American Union -- not between any...countries....Discovering connections like this between the CFR recommendations and Bush administration policy gives credence to the argument that President Bush favors amnesty and open borders, as he originally said. Moreover, President Bush most likely continues to consider groups such as the Minuteman Project to be "vigilantes,"....Why doesn't President Bush just tell the truth? His secret agenda is to dissolve the United States of America into the North American Union. The administration has no intent to secure the border, or to enforce rigorously existing immigration laws....The perspective of the CFR report allows us to see President Bush's speech to the nation as nothing more than public relations posturing and window dressing. No wonder President Vincente Fox called President Bush in a panic after the speech. How could the President go back on his word to Mexico by actually securing our border? Not to worry, President Bush reassured President Fox. The National Guard on the border were only temporary, meant to last only as long until the public forgets about the issue,....

Back to me. The Bush/Fox/Mulroney US/Mex/Canada designs to unConstitutionally merge all the foreign borders of their three countries, without legislative input or oversight and set up international unelected "courts" with supreme jurisdiction over the same is a "done deal' for creating a huge corporate investment territory with common internationalized border patrols--if it continues. This effectively means the death of Canada, U.S. and Mexico as we know it ,with their border policies going into a framework of administration that none of the countries themselves involved has ever democratically reviewed.

I'm surprised the Mexican right wing that supports Calderon.

I'm surprised it fails to see that it is being used--though of course the "backwater" right wing (a Colbertian phrase) thinks Bush is a patriot as he dismantles the U.S. Constitution, so mass symbolic politics and mass ignorance in the right wing seems to play into their hands in Mexico as well around Calderon the "conservative" puppet for Bush. It explains why these people are hardly conservatives--they have simply taken over their respective three countries conservative wings, as they are ironically dismantled by the selfsame.

Mexico's events as of late

"Mexicans, to the shout of war!": Obrador Zocalo rally info; another set for July 16

Disruptive "Element of Surprise" Events Scheduled on Mex Vote Fraud: 3rd megamarch July 30

New Protest Strategies Snarl Mexico City Against "Staged Recount", Vote Fraud Continues

Mex Vote Fraud Update: "Double Cherrypicked" 9% Recount for Aug 9; Can Explode to Violence
17:15 Aug-05

Videos show Mexico election was rigged, claims Obrador

Dump Ballots, Misenter Totals, Calderon Family Did IFE computers:IFE admin should be jailed
author: Al Giordano

Evidence of Systemic Gov't Election Racketeering Mounts in Mexico, Witness Comes Forward
author: Al Giordano

Mexico's Surreal Elections

World Media Gets Order to Make Mexican Vote Fraud Disappear Down the Memory Hole
"World Press Covers Up Huge Vote Fraud in Mexican Elections, Obregon rally for Saturday in the Zocalo --- You got to read these articles to believe it, every point they make has been demolished one day before. And even the world press is unable to get their "official" story straight! There are FOUR OR MORE SEPARATE VERSIONS OF OFFICIAL REALITY being spun that I have found in just a short cursory search."

MEXICO: Obrador ballots found in public dump; wants full recount; up to 3 mil "thrown out"

Stealing Mexico - Bush Team Helps 'Floridize' Mexican Presidential Election
author: Greg Palast

All this is a whole test case on whether the NAU of the Council of Foreign Relations can proceed PEACEABLY to dissolve all North American borders as they desire within a few years.

The only result of that will be the economies of all areas increasingly are decimated--and less internally regulated.

Bush had already done this to the U.S. in the past six years:

Bush, the CLASS WARRIOR, REVEALED: healthcare, prescription drugs, energy, wages, taxes
author: repost
This administration, by contrast, resists any government intervention or deviation from the big-business agenda, no matter how dire the situation. It is all the culmination of the industry's master plan: Take over the government and remove it as an obstacle to fleecing the average American. If any legitimate proposals arise to reregulate the market, they are bludgeoned with any red herring available: Health reforms are tarred as "socialized medicine," tax reforms are attacked as "job killers." While the fat cats make off like bandits, the rest of us are left, in five crucial areas of economic life, facing the big squeeze. [the five]

Bush Admin's FIVE YEAR PLAN: Results: calculated dismantling of Constitution & economy
This whole United States has been politically and economically dismantled!
Bush Admin.'s Five Year Plan: intentional dismantle U.S. national economy, along with the Constitution, job security, sell off big ports, consolidate media, porous borders, crash dollar through revoking all taxes and then printing money to destroy economy intentionally, privatize military with no competition contracts, 50% of these in Iraq to one company, Halliburton. A QUARTER TRILLION DOLLARS has been wasted in Iraq in three years only. 250,000,000,000 dollars. Three years.
IN JUST FIVE YEARS, The declines in some manufacturing sectors have more in common with a country undergoing saturation bombing during war...

Communications equipment lost 43% workforce.
Semiconductors/electronic components lost 37% workforce.
computers and electronic products lost 30% workforce.
Electrical/appliances lost 25% workforce.
Motor vehicles/parts lost 12% workforce.
Furniture/products lost 17% of workforce.
Apparel manufacturers lost almost 50% workforce.
Employment in textile mills declined 43%
Information sector lost 17% of its jobs
Telecommunications lost 25% of its workforce.
Wholesale and retail trade lost jobs.
Bookkeeping employment shrank by 4%.
Computer systems design lost 9% of its jobs.

In only five years under Bush's policies, US economy experienced a net job positions loss in goods producing activities--while (hello?) importing about 8 more people.

They are smart. They know what they are doing.

Title: PORTGATE & 9-11: Bush vows to give U.S. ports to Osama's Hunting Partner, Emir of Dubai
Author: incredible

Moreover, the CFR plan is to introduce a continental wide currency that would be out of jurisdictional control of any of the "democratic states" within it across the North American continent--called the Amero.

Lots of big geopolitical chess gamers I am sure are watching what will be result of all this in Mexico, because NAU plots ride on peaceful ambivalent integration--where people pinheadedly think that what is at state in their respective countries is typical "corporate left vs corporate right" nonsense. Obrador is hardly a sponsored corporate left candidate. That messes up the integration and destruction of Mexico for this CFR clique.

The bigger picture is the supposed "conservative right wings" of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are working to dismantle their respective countries from within, toward a common goal. I'm surprised the Mexican left and right aren't more together on this issue of being against this.

Personally, I basically think Obrador is officially President, though it was stolen from him. Like the U.S., there's so much about the whole voting infrastructure that is corrupt and tied into the family intermarriages of the "winning" candidate Calderon; there were mass blackouts and digital 'wipes and switches' of vote totals at IFE regional tallying centers; there was Bush family related Choice Point corporation (that purged the vote rosters 'privately for the State' thanks to Katherine Harris. Choice Point was found in Mexico, according to Palast, with Mexican vote rosters illegally, etc. They were being funded by the U.S. Who knows what will happen--though the whole continental wide "de-democratization" by the Bush clique seems at stake...