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Twenty-Two Things We Now Know

If a Democratic president and vice-president had behaved similarly to Bush and Cheney, they'd have been in the impeaqchment dock in a minute.. Winning in November is our job, our moral duty.
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Noam Chomsky sez... 30.Aug.2006 12:12


... bullshit, moreshit, piled-higher-and-deeper. as the esteemed linguist has pointed out, every amerikan president since Truman would be hung by the neck until dead if judged by the standards of the Neurenberg Tribunal, and quite a few were/are democrats. this article just feeds the notion that the 'demo's' are an oppositional party (HAH!), a notion completely unsubstantiated by history, period. our 'duty' is to disintegrate the ussa.

but what if . . . 31.Aug.2006 10:56


What if the way to disintegrate the ussa is, at this point in time, to throw the Greedy Oil Party out, deny them majority control of Congress - at least to deny them the pretense of majority approval of the American people? What if the November election could be one small step forward, but still a necessary part of a giant step for mankind?

I question the strategy of complete withdrawal by way of benign neglect from electoral politics at this time. Unless, of course, someone really has some other actual (not a fantasy trip) alternative that rules out even minimal recognition of or participation in the election?

Of course, the November election cannot be expected to accomplish anything in and of itself, as it is merely one aspect of a great struggle. No doubt, elections must be seen as part of psychological warfare; but such 'psych-ops' ARE a non-trivial activity of all serious participants.

Just because elections are of limited value, does it follow that the quasi-democratic process is without value to the people - to workers, to the underclass or to families here in the ussa, as well as to the oppressed peoples throughout the NWO Empire - at this point in history?

Perhaps the time draws near that election boycott will be called for - but the comment fails to discuss that. To wax cynical about democratic process in the absence of an election boycott movement, with reasons and principles spelled out, is just more do-nothing-ism to guarantee that the peoples of the world will continue to believe that there is no difference between the American people and the Amerikkan government.

Or perhaps the comment is one more instance of the samo wait-for-the-collapse, for the magic moment to arrive, and then, ah yes, then at long last THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION????

Let me know and, meanwhile, I'll be keeping my powder dry . . . and cynically mailing in my ballot in November.

May the Goddess who doesn't exist pardon me if I am committing the cardinal sin of questioning the authority of the anarchist point of view . . .

We need more than baby steps. 31.Aug.2006 13:49


Getting the good cop democrats in to replace the other big oil "good cop" party isn't going to change much at all. If you haven't figured that at yet... it's just too bad. If you haven't figured it out... the democrats are pro-war and consumerism just like the democrats. If we get in some greens they will have to take drastic measures to change things and that will inevitably hurt the economy. This in turn will cause an anti-green, anti-environmentalist backlash. There are no easy answers but we may have to take our medicine and overthrow the whole stinking system.

taking our medicine 01.Sep.2006 03:02

Dr. Duty

Yeah, we all have figured out the war and consumerism disasters - all of us that aren't brain-dead in front of the tv or enthralled by Mammon and/or the Bitch Goddess Success.

Yes, it may well be that every president since Truman has been culpable of crimes against humanity - so why is it that there have been four two-term presidents since Truman (including Nixon, although his second term was cut short) - all of them Republicans? If we had only one-term presidents, that would at least announce to the world that we are not a nation of brain-dead idiots addicted to poison. Throwing the bastards out can sometimes be a good idea - not a panacea, but a good wholesome reaction. The absence of such a healthy reaction is, in and of itself, part of the problem.

The dems are not really the issue, whether they are desperately working for voter turn-out or not. You may think that you understand that the only issue is the whole rotten system, but there is also the issue of the voice of the people - which is an indication of their willingness to take responsibility for their condition.

The thing is, I am looking at the patient (which is "us", the American people) and thinking that if the patient will just take an emetic and puke up the poison - that still requires that the patient seek out a better diet, but it has to start with recognizing this one poison and puking it up. Especially considering that the patient has a history of recidivism with this particular brand of poison, which has now become systemic and life-threatening.

Of course, everything must change - because the disease has been caused by the patient's diet and lifestyle, working conditions, environmental toxins, etc. So, you can tell the patient 'NO, don't take the emetic, you'll just go out and get hooked on some other brand of poison and then you'll have to puke that up - so the best thing for you is to let this poison work on you until you are practically dead and then you'll either die or, at that point, you'll just have to go to the ER at the hospital,' OR, you can say 'Here, take the emetic, and then maybe chicken noodle soup - forget about going to work tomorrow and concentrate on getting better." Which is the approach to take? Dr. Tough Love or Dr. Bedside Manner? I don't know. Maybe a little of both. But I have some sympathy for the patient with that look that says, "Dr. Duty, I am willing to try anything, but I don't have insurance, if they take me to ER, I know that I am going to die there."

So, Dr. Duty prescribes the emetic. After that, Dr. Duty advises: "Now, if that Brand B doesn't work any better, take another emetic as soon as you can and try something else. Maybe even try alternative therapies. Whatever you do, don't go back to that Brand A - it damn near killed you. The main thing is to get better, one day at a time."