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please light a fire under Ted Stevens

a SECRET HOLD has been placed on a bill that would create a PUBLIC and SEARCHABLE database for all government contracts. who placed the SECRET HOLD? some think Ted Stevens of Alaska!
wouldn't you, as a citizen of the United States, like to know how your tax money is ACTUALLY being spent?

not in the form of a useless government white paper, or some sort of aggregated report from the OMB, but in a FREE, PUBLIC, and easily SEARCHABLE database!

That is what the Coburn - Obama bill, called S.2590-Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, would do!

We need this bill to pass for the US Govt to be accountable to the citizens who fund it! But a SECRET Senator has placed a SECRET HOLD on the bill!


Please see the following articles, which have pursued Senators to clarify whether they have placed a "secret hold" or not. Some think the culprit is the longest serving Republican Senator, Ted Stevens, the idiot who thinks the Internets (sic) is made of tubes (sic). Stevens is a walking disaster, a nepotistic cretin. Can we at least find out if it is this Senator who did this???

Article about who has responded NO to placing the "secret hold"

Porkbusters commentary on the story:

The actual legislation document:

Peace Now, brothers and sisters! Let us DEMAND TO KNOW how OUR MONEY is SPENT! Then hold the stinking liars and thieves accountable for their actions!!!!!!
corrections 31.Aug.2006 23:21


Stevens had a non-secret hold.

It was Byrd who had the secret hold, which has now been released.