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Another priceless moment with American President George w. Bush

Another priceless moment with President George w. Bush
Trip on Air Force One to Visit Army Generals - $1,000,000.

New Suit - $6,000.

WeatherProof Jacket complete with US Flag Patch - $500.

Bulletproof Vest - $6,000.

Commander-in-Chief of your Nations Defense Forces using binoculars without the Lens Caps Removed - $ PRICELESS
Too funny! 30.Aug.2006 15:37


This is hilarious. I'm going to print out the picture, enlarge it, and hang it on my office door--along with the excellent commentary.

Also try with the Google... 31.Aug.2006 13:30


1- Put in the Google window: "miserable failure";

2- Search in with "I'm feeling lucky"