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OSP not responding to dangerous driver report(an off-duty fire-fighter??)I have VIDEO of.

I have heard that if you report 'bad actions' of off duty police or firefighters you may get NOWHERE....easily. Due to the decal on the car, I believe it could be a firefighter my video is of. THAT IS NOT CONFIRMED. But since Oregon State Police are apparently ignoring my phone complaint(made more than once) it is an open question.
Firefighter of not...the kind of driving that took place at my risk and the rislk of others is absolutely wrong. If it was a regular citizen doing in front of a cop dash camera like what is on MY citizen dash camera...we would get a handful of tickets. At least!
This happened about 4:05 pm last friday at hiway 205 north bound just on the 14(to 205)on ramp. The White Jeep careened in one fast and dangerously close to me and others, move from the on ramp to the inside lane. No signal...no regard for anybody.

The OSP receptionist asked me several times "You have video????" Yes... I do. Moments after the Jeep flew across all the lanes and drove quickly weaving to get further on...the traffic got bunched up. And as so often happens, for nothing, because I ended up right back behind him. I saw and spoke his plate onto the running video camera. NO mistake in the plate. I noticed a 'firefighter' decal on the back window. I used to print firefighter logos often(tees)I know what they look like. It did not say 'supporter' that I could read. So that is a question. But really...why would OSP be blowing me off PERIOD; regarding my complaint. Do we have the right to complain? WILL it be responded to????? WHEN?????????????????? Not even a phone call so far(it's tuesday).
I put the video in my car just to help protect myself in case of a full on accident. Because guys like this driver cause accidents! In the case of an accident it would not then, just be 'my word against anothers'. I almost slammed on my brakes (on the freeway!)due to this moron. Then what? As it is, I have video. AND NO SIGN THAT OREGON STATE POLICE CARES ABOUT IT AT ALL. On more than one level, I expect to find out why.
If this week passes and I get no response(or otherwise if I see fit)I will upload it to youtube and you can go see it for yourself.

There silence is not mine.
good 29.Aug.2006 12:27

let's see it

Why wouldn't you upload it now? It would be interesting to watch.

sorry about that, honey... 29.Aug.2006 13:13


but weren't you aware that the law-enforcement here in Oregon can literally get by with killing fellow
citizens and still keep their jobs. Just ask Scott McCollister, Jason Sery, Robert King and a whole
host of fellow Death Cult nut-jobbers. If they kill with impunity, then they'll not bother to return
your phone calls or listen to your complaint seriously...they could care less as they cover-up for one
of their own. It's a "us vs them" mentality that drives their groupthink!

You've waited long enough! 29.Aug.2006 13:43


Why not upload your video to YouTube.com now? Let the entire world see what an idiot driver looks like. After you do, be sure to let us know what key search words to type in to find it.

Do you want an expalantion? 29.Aug.2006 13:52

Mike Novack

You say that video would identify the car. But would it identify the DRIVER?

That's why the lack of interest. So you know a CAR which presumably belongs to a family one member of which is a firefighter (by the decal) was driven in a dangerous manner by somebody. You presume an off duty firefighter -- why?

Since the authorities to which you reported this have as little evidence as you do, I think that explains the lack of action. How would you EXPECT to proceeed with the "investigation" were you yourself in charge? Haul in the registered car owner and ask them "pretty please tell me who was operating your car at such and such a time"?

Yes I saw the driver! Etc..... 29.Aug.2006 14:18

Astral Ninja

The OSP receptionist asked me that as well. I would recognize the driver. She seemed to be concerned that I took video. Of course she can find out in less than ten seconds if the plate was registered to a fire fighter. it is of note...but again I do not know if he was? I am first concerned about the driver and the lack of action(they said I would be contacted)by OSP.
I have not uploaded because I did not want to appear too much in a hurry to damn somebody...but the driving speaks for itself. IF it is an off duty FF then the issue is HIS problem as the video only catches his actions.
I have a tape camera so I had to go out and get a 'Dazzle' converter. Way cool thing! I will get the video up as soon as I get it on my computer. I'm new to uploads...but I know it shoudl be done. I was hoping to have more knowledge before I uploaded to you tube. But I guess getting blown off by those(police) who would be MORE than happy to ticket ME had I done this...is enough of a reason.
I don't know if I can edit it into my original post(???)or I have to add it like I am these comments now. I'll figure it out. Stay tuned.

'Be careful out there.'

to Mike Novack 29.Aug.2006 14:33

Astral Ninja

No "pretty please" going on on my end Mike. The reasons for even a basic concern here are well enough founded. I do not "presume"...as fire fighters are generally the ones who have fire fighter stickers. Supporter stickers say that. I said in capital letters that that(FF) was not confirmed. So you had THAT to notice before assuming that I am some incoherent expector of an "investigation", or based on that. How much investigation gets done when you or me gets a ticket??? NONE. You get the ticket/s. Rules and courtesy apply to all. Or not. I don't know what will happen? Apparently nothing! But the video shows the car...I saw the driver quite well as I sat later in crawling traffic (on video as well). So...I guess that is a start. Right?

You did not expect me to compose a surgically explicit essay here did you? Never the less...I have more on 'this guy' than OSP apparently cares to know or "investigate" with even a return call/attempt to know. So there you go. That is the best way I can answer your shallow (presumably?)'challenge' to my concern. The "authorities" are not even trying to investigate. The effort so far is to clearly ignore the complaint. How do you get to step TWO...when you ignore step ONE? You don't. Right????

Fireworks are illegal. On July 4th cops ignore that. Setting up a chair(anti-camping ordinance...gets applied to homeless people no matter what the day!)on a public street or sidewalk is illegal...at Rose festival parade, cops ignore that. What else might you guess they conveniently ignore? Much, I "presume".

Excellent 29.Aug.2006 16:18

Den Mark, Vancouver

Astral Ninja, your thinking & your writing are excellent. I praise you for your sense of right & wrong & for your intent to hold people accountable. If more people were like you, we'd have better public service.

Oregon Law Regarding Traffic Violations 29.Aug.2006 16:24

Tom Boy

Violation of Oregon traffic laws can only be enforced by a police officer that sees the infraction at the time. They have no way of verifying what is on your video as being what really happened.

Initiation of violation proceeding by private party 29.Aug.2006 18:14


Yo, Tom Boy -

ORS 153.058 Initiation of violation proceeding by private party. A person, OTHER THAN an enforcement
officer, MAY commence a violation proceeding by filing a complaint with a court that has jurisdiction over
the alleged violation. The filing of the complaint is subject to ORS 153.048.

 http://www.ojd.state.or.us/jos/traffic.htm#Citizen Complaint

Citizen citation 29.Aug.2006 18:19


much better info here:


you bypass the cops altogether and go directly to the courts.

You tube link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2E4N_J7NHQ 29.Aug.2006 20:50

Astral Ninja "Don't drive like an ASS in front of ME!!!!!"

That is not so. Video is video. My camera is not on hallucinogens...it records what is happening. Police use 3rd party video all the time and if you are willing to and CAN identify the driver, the video and the complaint are valid. UNLESS of course the cops don't choose to respond. I agree, they are MOST interested in the EASIEST tickets to give! The OSP receptionist told me(as I'm sure I relayed) I would "be contacted". So I guess you are not quite in the know. Or else she is not.(?)
I had a cops wife literally drive up on my lawn and threaten me once. No video. I complained and in les than 5 minutes I had two cops at my door saying "things like this do not happen"(which was a ridiculously counter-intuitive statement, given that it just DID. I had a witness. Those cops were VERY nervous bordering on a weird kind of staring intimidation that creeped my girlfriend out.

BUT...it goes to show....when they need or want to show up....they do!!!! Enough said here.... be safe.

bad link to video... 29.Aug.2006 21:44

Astral Ninja "Don't drive like an ASS in front of ME!!!!!"

I used windows movie maker just as I have before with success and it won't work. Youtube kicked it out for 'wrong file extension' (.mwssm or something like) I don't see a way to alter that(clues?)in the program. I did exactly what I did on 'the kids in the pool' video which loaded just fine. Stumped. I'll try to figure it out. Seems to be giving it a 'project' designation...but I see no other way to get the correct ext (.wmv).

FIXED! valid link to the BAD DRIVER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7uD-jeCda0 29.Aug.2006 22:31

Astral Ninja

218 kbps upload from a(much clearer) hi8 source...so not great...but here you go. My camera clips into a 50 cent sheetmetal clamp I got at home depot. I run it off the ac / plugged into the dc to ac converter I bought for camping(video games and movies). Easy and quick. I have less than $200.00 in all of it. think about how much you spend on your car and all related fees. Smart way to protect yourself. Crackpots like this guy DO cause accidents and often keep on going. This guy is not thinking about anybody else. You BET I called in acomplaint! I would love to see his face when I show up with my video in court. Me...in my 77 van...with VIDEO! Ha!!!! I did not thing that OSP would be 'there for' him...more than me, under the circumstances(clear video and able to identify). I it 'protect and serve' or 'reject and swerve'? With respect...seems both are true...depending on the dictates of convenience.
Drive safe.

get help 29.Aug.2006 22:32


Suppose you might not be able to afford it, but you might be better off having a lawyer or some other legally knowledgeable rep manage communication between yourself and police or other government agencies.

some info 29.Aug.2006 23:50


Threads like this bring out lots of people who think they are lawyers, or know the law (Tom Boy = one example). An officer at the Portland Police information line had told me that it is possible to have motorists cited using evidence from a citizen's video camera, but the officers will not take the video to court for you. The taker of the footage has to initiate proceedings and show up themself, and it helps to have a witness to corroborate the day / time / location.

Also, check out these informative stories on bikeportland.org about how to take advantage of an existing state statute that lets a citizen force court proceedings in a state court:

 link to bikeportland.org

 link to bikeportland.org

 link to bikeportland.org

I hope that the original poster will take advantage of this info and take action against the dangerous driver.

common sense 04.Sep.2006 08:36


The city of Beaverton went thru the same thing. Photo radar would photo a person other than the registered driver speeding and then attempt to force the owner to tell who it was. Didn't work out well for them. I would like to see the film to see if I can see the actual driver. Sorry, but if I can't, I don't want the government forcing the reg owner to rat someone out. As for the sticker. Maybe a firefighter, maybe not. You can buy police badges on ebay and FBI hats at small stores. I commend you trying to get to the bottom of this but a whole lot of assumptions are made. I also think that car registration information does not state a person's employment. I am sure that there is a data base of firefighters but the police checking the registration then a data base everytime someone makes a complaint seems a little nutty. In other words, let's see the video and if you a right, lets do something about it.