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Stand Against Militarism

Weekly opportunity to stand with others in opposition to war, occupation, imperialism, and the shifty tactics used by military recruiters to get fresh cannon fodder
During last week's demonstration, the father of a young man came to ask questions of the recruiters. His son had sent him to get information and literature about enlisting. Fortunately, several of us were there to give him information the recruiters don't volunteer. There was a Viet Nam vet who told the man that the illustrious careers supposedly waiting for vets just don't exist. There were people with printed literature outlining some of the other bogus claims recruiters make. One of us told tales of rapes and murders of 14 year old girls and others, as well as torture. The man was very inquisitive, asking questions back and forth between the recruiters and the demonstrators. He seemed genuinely surprised by the information we gave him. The recruiters apparently felt outdone and they slunk back into the dark recesses of the recruiting office to plan more murder. Best of all, a young man may change his mind about joining the military.

Come show your support for peace and opposition to the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq each Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 at 1317 NE Broadway, Portland.
Good work, protesters 28.Aug.2006 22:09


Thanx for keeping up the vigil, Tuesday after Tuesday, over a year now. I hope to show up again soon. I miss you guys! I've had to take care of me for awhile.

democracy 101 29.Aug.2006 15:25

forest dweller

How the church-state keep the sheep and cattle milling.

Terror Drills
Toronto Heavy Urban Search & Rescue deployment exercise Aug 25-30
Simulated nuclear explosion planned in Hawaii for Aug 14-16
Major disaster drill at fairgrounds in Holbrook, AZ on Sept. 22
More on St. Louis, MO terror drill on Aug 9
Terror drills, snipers, and SWAT Teams for weeklong exercise in Dayton, OH Aug 24-31
Homeland Security drills in Alameda/Contra Costa, CA Aug 25
Bank of England, London FX, CLS bank plan financial outage terror drill Sept. 26
RED ALERT: Terrorist attack drill Sept. 7 in Chicago, IL-
Texas, Oregon Civil Air Patrol drills Aug 25-27
RED ALERT: "Strong Angel III" pandemic/cyberterror/continuity drills in San Diego, CA Aug 21-26
San Diego, CA "Seahawk 06" naval war games, disaster drills from Aug. 21-Sep 4
Livingston, MI pandemic drill on July 28
911 Truth Movement: Focus or Die
Bird flu scenario to play in Wellfleet MA on Aug 21
Mass disaster drills in 26 Texas counties on Aug 8-9
2,000 more 'victims' needed for mock attack in St. Louis, MO on Aug 9
NJ Begins Week Long Bioterrorism drill July 30-August6

War Games
Massive DHS terror exercises TOPOFF 4 to take place in Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ in May, 2007
Iran plans new war games to begin Saturday, Aug. 19- Running for five weeks
Canadian Military conducts sovereignty exercise in high Arctic Aug 15-25
China-Kazkhstan joint "anti-terror" exercises Aug 24-29 (SCO alliance response to potential WWIII?)
Massive Philippines-US Wargames Slated In October
ALERT: Nellis Air Force Base Hosting Red Flag Exercises Aug 10-Sept 2
Indonesia, US conclude two-weeek joint naval exercise
US-Canadian exercise "Vigilant Guardian" Aug 17-26 (same exercise run on 9-11)
Mongolian-U.S. Joint exercise "Khaan Quest 06" from Aug. 10-25
RED ALERT: NORTHCOM-JTF exercises July 21-29
US-Malaysia In 10 day war-game July 26 in Korean Peninsula
NATO soldiers learn chemical, nuclear response tactics in Alberta July 15-30
Shaw hosts NATO "red flag" Operation Iron Thunder
International anti-terrorism exercise starts in Kyrgyzstan
Russia, China to Hold Second Joint War Games at unknown date
US airforce to host "Cooperative Cope Thunder" exercise in Alaska between July 20 and August 5
"Operation Linking Arms" in Philippines from Aug 2006-2007
US in Balkan joint military exercise "Immediate Response 06" to begin in late July
Post-Soviet security org. to hold war games in Kazakhstan Aug 24-29
South Korea-US Joint Drill Aug 21-Sept.1
RED ALERT: US bombers to practice in Australia using B-1 and B-52 bombers
US Preparing Azeri Airport for Incursion into Iran?
CENTCOM Operation Vigilant Shield December 4-14
US-African EAC Joint military exercises Sept 20-30
STRATCOM Global Strike nuclear exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled Oct. 24-Nov 8

Now for something we hope you will really like.

"War Based on Lies is Murder" 30.Aug.2006 13:40


The title is a new sign I just made...

Good job making people aware that the Recruiters are lying to young people to staff this hugely unpopular OCCUPATION of Iraq!! Please go to VA Watchdog.org, at  http://www.vawatchdog.org and hit the headline news link at the left, to see how BushCo is screwing the veterans, and the soldiers that are coming home badly injured and scarred for life from this illegal war. Can you imagine the types of injuries and long-term disabilities service members will suffer when Bush starts dropping nuclear munitions in Iran and Syria?!?!

Another sign I have had for quite a while that speaks to the nuclear nightmare our soldiers could soon face in the Middle East...

52 Hostages in 1979
130,000 in 2006

GI's Dyin' for Bush Lyin' + Spyin', Denial is Not Patriotic
GI's Dyin' for Bush Lyin' + Spyin', Denial is Not Patriotic

government nightmares 30.Aug.2006 15:32

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

encourage the young to get the best education possible. if they do get trapped by the military hope they flunk basic training. years to get my gall bladder diagnosed, thyroid, back, and perifial neuropathy. years! homeless for12. and i started filing almost as soon as i got out. no to war!

Found another good site to understand the VA's real motives!! 30.Aug.2006 15:56



This guy's site was recommended by a Veterans for Peace group. There is a forum on this site that could be very useful for veterans having difficulty navigating the labyrinth of VA benefits.

The Patriots Stand 31.Aug.2006 18:50


Those peace seekers at the recruiting station are the true patriots, those recruiters are not. The protestors are doing the job those soldiers are supposed to do: Obey the law of the land! The soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution and yet these recuriters continue to con the young, naive and deluded to go continue this ongoing act of armed robbery that is the occupation of Iraq! They do this because if they do not thy will have to go back to the sandbox, and they do not want to go.

Patriots stand by the Constitution, like Ehren Watada! Goto www.thankyoult.org and donate to support 1lt Ehren Watada as he risks his freedom in calling the Occupation of Iraq an illegal act to the Governments face, and refuses illegal war!