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katrina aftermath

Donating to Katrina and New Orleans advoacy and relief groups

Hi folks, Rising Tide did some fundraising at the 31 critical mass ride for climate justice....but it'd be great to fundraise even more for the activist groups down there.

If you are reading this, please consider donating just $5-10 bucks. Aren't the people of the gulf, who've been criminally neglected by our society, worth a few backs of cigarettes, a 6 pack or beers, or a single night out to eat?
Think about what local organzers in the gulf right now are going through:

1. You've got a HUGE amount of forces working against progressive causes of all sorts right now.
2. You've got to rebuild your own life while trying to organize.
3. You're organization's activists, members, volunteers, etc. may have relocated.
4. Your office may have been destroyed.
5. Your living in one of the most conservative areas in the country.
6. Everything you've been doing is made hugely more massive by the events of the past year. (e.g., prisoner or housing advocacy).

Please consider supporting groups down there!

Rising Tide has a fund for groups going - contact katrina@--------->@risingtidenorthamerica.org for more info. 100% goes to these groups. We have no overhead or staff to pay.

You can see a list of some groups worth supporting here: