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Biscuit Mudslides Will Shutdown Rogue River Fishery Again!

Existing major Mudslides adjacent to and below Blackberry sale clearcut units in the lower Rogue River watershed could lead to the shutdown of Rogue River sport fishing and damage salmon fishery again.
Mudslides adjacant and below planned Blackberry roadless areas clear-cuts will only aggrevate and cause larger mudslides and likley shutdown lower Illinois and Rogue River sportfishing.
These many mudlsides (upwards of a dozen documented thus far in the relatively small North Indigo Creek drainage) and the one pictured likely shutdown the Rogue River sportfishing in 1995 and 1996. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Siskiyou National Forest have these mudlside events documented but seem to be claiming some sort of amnesia letting these clearcut units above and adjacent to these huge mudslides move forward.

One such mudslide is pictured. This mudslide may have been chiefly responsible for the shutdown of the lower Rogue River back in '95 and '96. The picture is from USGS.

The Blackberry salvage sale units could be clear-cut any day now.

ESPECIALLY, If you are a fisher person or make your living on the Rogue River you need to call your Senator and Congressam Peter DeFazio, the Governor and the Forest Service at Region 6 headquarters and demand that the Blackberry sale be canceled because the lower Rogue and Illinois River salmon fishery is too important to sacrifice for the profits of one Oregon timber baron and his servants.

Picture of mudslide before Biscuit fire 28.Aug.2006 13:23


I'll post more asap.
Picture of major debris flow in N. Fork Indigo Cr.
Picture of major debris flow in N. Fork Indigo Cr.
Other debris in the drainage
Other debris in the drainage

Mudslides below 55 acre Planned Blackberry clear-cut 28.Aug.2006 22:21

ecosystem advocate

How many debris flows does it take to sutdown this ill advised and likely illegal salvage sale?
Unit 30 below is a the largest Unit at 55 acres which doesn't take into account the actual surface area of the clearcut planned.
Based on the 50-70% slope it would likely be closer to more than a 100 acre clear-cut when the Siskiyou National Forest/John West is done.
Perhaps this is just an example of what is in store for all areas to be salvaged on our National Forests and BLM lands. "No laws apply to the Agencies, planners or the timber companies doing the salvage logging."
Debris flow is literally below and adjacent to Unit 30. Ropes needed to reach.
Debris flow is literally below and adjacent to Unit 30. Ropes needed to reach.