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Breaking News- Cops on Scene

Portland cops shouting "come out with your hands up!" thru a megaphone at around 39th and Hawthorne.
Portland cops are currently insisting that someone in the Hawthorne neightborhood "come out with (their) hands up!".

No further details at this time.
Update 27.Aug.2006 21:07


The Portland police have cordoned off an area in the Hawthorne district, reacting to reports of a man inside of a house, possibly armed with a rifle.

The house is located on the North side of SE Mill St., in Portland, about midway between 37th and 38th Avenues. According to accounts by neighbors and police officers on the scene, the alleged perpetrator is a former tenant of the house who has been recently evicted. A large pile of items in the front yard of the home in question would seem to indicate that someone's belongings have been previously removed from the house under less that amiable circumstances.

Several squad cars, and a police dog are on the scene. None of the officers appear to be wearing flack jackets. I saw one female officer walking around carrying what appeared to be a beanbag gun or possibly a shotgun. No storm troopers have yet appeared in the area, so there appears to be no immediate threat to jaywalkers.

Early details indicate that a man who may have previously lived in the house in question was spotted there this evening by the landlord, and that the alleged intruder supposedly threatened the landlord with a rifle.

Update II 27.Aug.2006 21:54


Several blocks now sealed off by police tape. All witnesses and bystanders are being ordered into their homes, or out of the area, by Portland police.

Update III 27.Aug.2006 22:12


Police now repeating over the PA: "3741 SE Mill, this is the Portland Police. Bill or Mandy, come out the front door with your hands up."

Update IV 27.Aug.2006 22:38


The PA request by the police has ended. A SERT team has reportedly shown up on the seen.

Four shots of some type fired.

Update V 27.Aug.2006 22:45


Seven more shots have been fired from what sound like various positions. The shots sound like teargas grenades.

i'm sure I speak for everyone 27.Aug.2006 23:14

when I say

Thanks for the updates.

Update VI 27.Aug.2006 23:20


After a few more shots, it has been relatively quiet for about a half-hour.

This is my final report for now.

[ 27.Aug.2006 23:29


a neighbor should videotape it from their window

what was the big black truck about? 28.Aug.2006 00:39


i saw tons of unmarked cars in the area and a big black unmarked truck with its police lights on. what was the truck for?

RE: what was the big black truck about? 04.Sep.2006 14:28


SERT rig.