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Global Climate Change is Truly Global: lots of video shorts from around the world...

the visuals all taken together are quite astounding: Tibet, Yellow River in China, Amazonia to savannah?! and still corporations and soy plantation owners keep burning it down, massive beetles eating away spruce forests in Alaska due to longer summers, huge portions of the Artic and Antartic sea ice shrinking, polar bears to sink?, indigenous whalers losing the sea ice shelf, permafrost melting, India sea rise affecting coastal communities, same in Alaska, north pole ice sounds like a war or (de)construction zone, etc.

Tibet is melting and turning into desert
4 min 36 sec - Aug 8, 2006

China's Yellow River is drying up, vast grassland turn into desert. Shocking images.
Halong Glaciers in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the ... all source of China's Yellow River, have shrunk by 17% during the past 30 years. This could leave the region without glaciers by the end of the century and is an alarming sign of climate impact on the source of China's mother river- the Yellow River. A documentary by Greenpeace
 link to video.google.com


Amazon river dries up
4 min 7 sec - Jul 31, 2006
The Amazon rain forest is experiencing the worst drought in more than 40 years, and experts believe that global warming and massive deforestation are to blame. A documentary by Greenpeace.
 link to video.google.com


Shocking images from Amazon jungle
3 min 2 sec - Jul 31, 2006

Seeing is believing. Documentary from Greenpeace.

The US based Cargill corporation burns large areas of rainforest to prepare for soya ... all plantations. In 2005, 600 fires a day were set in the Amazon. Deforestation and Global Warming are threating one of the world's greatest reservoirs of biodiversity. If current trends continue, the collapse of the Amazon into a treeless savannah is possible within the lifetimes of children being born today.

 link to video.google.com


Effect of Global Warming on India
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4 min 0 sec - Jul 31, 2006

Impacts of sea level rise on coastal communities in Orissa, India. Poor village literally got sucked into the rising ocean.

 link to video.google.com


Why is everyone carrying a log?
59 sec - Aug 8, 2006
 link to video.google.com


Polar Bears and Arctic Global Warming
... working in Svalbard in Norway, researching the impacts of global warming on polar bears and the Arctic
WWF Television - 3 min - Jan 27, 2006

 link to video.google.com


NORTH POLE ICE CRACKING (global warming, Arctic, climate change, global warming)
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Andrew Revkin, The New York Times
1 min 17 sec - May 23, 2006

The sea ice at the North Pole is only a few feet thick. It floats on an ocean that is 14,000 feet deep. And it's cracking under our feet. A ... all scientist suggests what to do... Everything you hear -- all the chugging and huffing and banging -- is the ice beneath us.

 link to video.google.com


Part 1: Alaska Meltdown
The Weather Channel
1 min 43 sec - Oct 13, 2005
How is global warming affecting the Alaskan climate?
 link to video.google.com

Part 2: Alaska Meltdown
Global warming is not only changing the face of Alaska, but also the way Alaskans live.
The Weather Channel - 2 min - Oct 13, 2005
 link to video.google.com

Part 3: Alaska Meltdown
The Weather Channel
1 min 44 sec - Oct 13, 2005
Learn about Alaska's not-so-solid ground.
 link to video.google.com

Part 4: Alaska Meltdown
The Weather Channel
1 min 42 sec - Oct 13, 2005
Scientists, Eskimos and experts confirm that Alaska's climate is changing.
 link to video.google.com

Part 5: Alaska Meltdown
The Weather Channel
1 min 49 sec - Oct 13, 2005
In only 15 years, the Spruce Bark Beetle killed more trees in Alaska than any other North American insect.
 link to video.google.com


Global Warming and Acid Rain
... showing the devasting effects of these two environmental problems - Global Warming and Acid Rain. See 1000's of free clips at www.encyclomedia.com
2 min 44 sec - Aug 21, 2006
 link to video.google.com


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