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Labor Day - Six Nations - On Alert

Word Going Around is "Warning of Possible Attacks"
Is there going to be a Labor Day Attack on 3 of the Six Nations Communities?
There is some talk going around on the web and I found this on the Mohawk National News Website
It is written by, Kahentinetha Horn, and an elder from the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory and sometimes writer for their web page
It mentions the facts that an escalating tension is pushing the "brown suits types" to wage a possible attack on this Labor Day weekend against the Native Americans.
It is also a warning to the fellow protesters of the Six Nation Community to be aware and prepared.

This is the opening two paragraphs from Kathentinetha's letter:

Disturbing information has come to light. Canada, Ontario and the Ontario Provincial Police are coordinating plans for a vigilante-type assault on at least three Indigenous communities, Six Nations, Tyendinaga and Akwesasne. Six Nations/Mohawk people are being targeted for speaking out against Canada's theft of and encroachment on our land. The Ontario government and the cops are organizing the "brown shirts" (Heil Hitler!). A warning has gone out to Indigenous Warriors to be on the watch for this threatened attack on Labor Day, September 3rd .

In a copy of the minutes of the "Caledonia Citizens Alliance" CCA which meets regularly, they discussed arming themselves and said that the OPP gave them the nod of approval. In June the Ontario government gave them $1.78 million to keep their [monkey] businesses going - rioting, attacking, smashing, throwing garbage and beer bottles, swearing, pepper spraying and threatening to kill the Six Nations people at the reclamation site. Despite the large number of incidents of assault and vandalism that took place in front of OPP eyes, not one non-native person has been charged. Native people who reacted in self-defense were. Then the CCA got another $560,000 grant. Is this what the taxpayers of Canada and Ontario want to pay for?

 link to www.mohawknationnews.com

I have some previous links compiled here on this Caledonia land issue at this link:

medication required 28.Aug.2006 18:24

neo servative@gmail.com


somebody's gone off their meds if they believe this stuff.

buffalo chips 28.Aug.2006 18:52

forest dweller

The above comment by neo is what you would expect a Wasicu to say.

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Q: Does "Wasicun," the Sioux word for the white man, really mean "greedy person who steals the fat"?
A: No. Wasicun is a real word in both Lakota and Dakota Sioux (variously spelled Wasicu, Wašicun, Wasichu, Washicun, or Washichu), and it does mean "non-Indian." But its literal meaning is someone with special powers.