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9.11 investigation

I can't let go of it!

My brain won't let go of the events 9-11! I try to forget or just pretend I don't know, but I keep thinking about it. I have looked at all the available evidence and debate and it is obvious!
This may be our moment to unite! We will suffer greatly if we stand by and let Cheney and his group of thugs kill us like they did on September 11, 2001.
We were fooled that day. People are waking up in large numbers. The liars ( http://www.newamericancentury.org/) are trying to blitz the media with bleached versions of the events of September 11, 2001. Now they have a bunch of setup foiled terror plots. That's okay because we have the truth with hard evidence.

All this great research is available on the Internet and anyone wishing to learn the truth can. I don't know how long we will still have our Internet. For now we can research anything and the truth of the matter always rises up.

Please go research the fake war on terror and the truth about 9-11. It connects all of us.

This Truth Movement could unite us all!

We are in for it again if we do not stop them or at least be prepared not to swallow the myths surrounding the next attacks on us, America.

Can you believe it? They (a small, weak but sinister group) has led us to fight an unending War on Terror. We are losing our collective wealth and They have stolen our history and we are now in Double Think. Liberty for Freedom. War is Peace. Freedom Is not free. Oh yes it is. Freedom is hard fought, to be sure, but freedom is not threatened by terror. Freedom is our reward for not letting terror or treason or anything from taking your rights and freedoms.

Speak out. Take over.