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The Four Pillars of Wisdom for 911 Truth

A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer looks at four key principles that should guide the 911 Truth Movement on its road to becoming a majority movement. The opportunities for 911 truth have never been greater -- nor have the perils.
The Four Pillars of Wisdom for 911 Truth

By Captain Eric H. May

Prologue to the Pillars

Thanks to much recent publicity, the 911 Truth Movement knows about Ghost Troop, the cyber-intelligence unit that has hounded King George and his Bush League for the last three years. Long experience in the movement, sometimes in the trenches, sometimes in the underground -- and always at personal peril -- has taught us to use four criteria in determining the quality of anyone or any group. These criteria are our four pillars of wisdom.

Rather than make references to a multitude of corroborating cyber-sources and mainstream publications supporting my arguments in this essay, I'll stick to our foremost mainstream publisher, the Lone Star Iconoclast, which has earned a worldwide reputation and a Congressional readership for it's heroic stance against the Bush League in its Western White House town of Crawford, Texas.

The First Pillar: 911 was an inside job

Everyone in the 911 Truth Movement adheres to the view that 19 Arabs with box cutters didn't defeat US air defenses in the attacks that defeated all the laws of physics. There has been a heartening rise in the percentage of Americans who have seen through the smoke and around the mirrors of the 911 deception. Polls now indicate that over a third believe that the government was complicit; one-in-eight understands that the WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7 trifecta in New York City were controlled demolitions; and a significant majority believe that the 911 investigation was a cover up.

Just as encouraging is the increasing number of people -- even those who don't yet realize that 911 was an inside job -- who nevertheless understand that 911 was the excuse for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I quoted no less an establishment figure than General Wesley Clark to that effect In last mainstream military analysis, published in the Houston Chronicle on July 8, 2003 as Worried about quicksand of war in Iraq  http://www.ghosttroop.net/quicksandofwar.htm. Writing the essay got me blackballed from my former mainstream career -- which is a mark of distinction these days.

One of the bravest Ghost Troops, Active Army Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, recently took a stand of conscience in stating his belief about the 911 treason to his commanders at Fifth Army in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The Army's over-reaction to such integrity has put SFC Buswell on the front page of the Iconoclast in Under Fire! U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 911 Investigation  http://www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=426&z=54 Senior officers are stepping forward to support the sergeant's position, thereby making the official position shakier by the day.

The Second Pillar: 911-2B is a pending attack

It always pays to watch the presstitutes, we've learned. The same folks who congratulate themselves for non-reporting -- from the 911 set-up in America to the Quicksand War in Iraq -- are tireless in their efforts to tell the American People that another 911 is going to be. It's not even a matter of IF it's going to be, they regularly assure us, but a matter of WHEN it's going to be. Accordingly, we've coined the fine code-name for what they are working to prepare us for: 911-2B.

The mainstream media's job is to cover up the original 911 treason until there can be a repetition. If 911-2B happens, they reason, the feds will begin to incarcerate the leaders of the 911 Truth Movement who are undermining their campaign of lies. As the cheerleaders of the Bush League, they are quite aware that the one-third of the American People currently aware of their leaders' treason could easily become one-half of the American People by New Years Day. Only 911-2B can slow the acceleration of 911 truth, and it is their earnest wish that the event happen sooner rather than later.

It's not just the mainstream media that is our problem in warning the public, though. Among the many alternative media figures with whom we've dealt, too many are afraid to approach the 911-2B reality, and consequently undermine the efforts of those who do to save face. It's one thing, they secretly reckon, to pile onto the bandwagon of folks who say that the feds did the last attack, but it's quite another to leave the bandwagon and try to prevent them from doing the next attack. They're all for 911 truth, of course -- they just don't want to become targets. We understand them well, and despise them utterly. Still, we have found that even the gutless will follow real leadership -- if they think they can do so without personal risk -- if only to keep up with a movement that will otherwise pass them by. In in fact, in infowar as in all war, those who hide the most when it's dangerous holler the loudest about their heroism afterward. Alex Jones, the Rush Limbaugh of 911 truth, is such a case, recently coming off the fence and proclaiming in August that a Bush League 911-2B attempt is likely before the upcoming elections. We Ghost Troops chuckled, figuring that he made his "bold move" after reading our Iconoclast article that showed up in the White House two months earlier: 911 Truth and Texas Terror  http://www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=248&z=37

The Third Pillar: 911-2B already has been attempted

We've led repeated efforts to inform the American People that Southeast Texas, full of petrochemical townships, is the primary target for the 911-2B attack, while Chicago is the secondary target. Those efforts would be meaningless, were it not for the fact that four out of five of our Southeast Texas specific warnings have been accompanied by major petrochemical explosions within one day of our prediction date, resulting in record-setting profits for the industry that owns the White House. In the fifth Texas terror warning we predicted a nuclear attempt against Texas City -- and the residents were in a panic when Department of Defense nuclear forces showed up, unknown to area civic, police and military leaders, exactly when we said they would be there. In the case of Chicago, we warned two months in advance of a Bush League attempt against the Sears Tower (already an official target via "Al Qaeda" threats). In early May of 2006, residents of the windy city only learned about a secret "Chicago 911" exercise through our later investigation and public affairs efforts. The exercise, involving thousands and headed by Homeland Security, was being run as Mayor Richard M. Daley was suspiciously away from the country -- on his first-ever trip to Israel, hunkered down with Mossad agents.

Shortly after the July 11 "Bombay Bombings" of Mumbai, India, the Iconoclast published our Ghost Troop unit history of 911-2B missions, with links confirming our assertion that the reason the American People haven't suffered a follow-up attack to 911 isn't lack of willingness by the Bush League to do it, but a lack of ability to keep their plans secret until they could get it done. Simply put, we've found that good intelligence analysis can determine when the media is setting up the 911-2B attack, and good public affairs blitzes can disrupt the treason by sounding the alarm.

The article is a must-read for those in the 911 Truth Movement who haven't yet read and discussed it: 9/11, 3/11, 7/11 Terror Dates -- Is There a Code?  link to www.lonestaricon.com

The Fourth Pillar: Zionists support both 911 and 911-2B

There is no area of analysis and publication in which we have experienced more resistance than in our conviction that the 911 treason would be impossible without the constant reinforcement of the "Israel Lobby," which is the contemporary polite term for "Zionists." My own background in military intelligence has trained me to face facts, not conform to official orthodoxy, and the view that Jewish-Americans can do no wrong is the highest tenet of orthodoxy -- even though it is absurd.

There was never a US leader more amenable to Zionist goals that King George Bush, who was affectionately nicknamed "the Jewish president" by the community he served so well. He has repaid their support by generating higher profits for the financial services industry than for any other part of the economy (with big oil and defense industries coming in second and third place). He has wrecked the independent media with pro-monopoly Federal Communications Commission policy, thereby strengthening the Jewish-dominated mainstream media that has so obligingly become a presstituted propaganda apparatus. The chief thugs of his New World Order are Jewish, and that's factual, including such key figures as UN ambassador John Bolton, White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten, Homeland Security boss Michael Chertoff and Defense Department apparatchiks like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. Not that King George is alone in putting Israel before America. The Cowards Congress has played along with the game, earning its nickname when it voted last month by a whopping 98 percent to blindly endorse the Israeli attack on Lebanon -- even as the rest of the world condemned it. I published an analysis of our special relationship with our "special friend," Israel, in the Iconoclast as Wagging the Dog to World War Three:  http://www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=338&z=46.

The 911 Truth Movement must come to grips with three core realities if it is to overcome the Zionist roadblocks that obstruct its road to effectiveness: The first is the reality that the official 911 myth is a blood libel perpetuated against Semite Arabs by Semite Jews, which has turned Christian Americans into killers of Israel's Muslim enemies. The second is that labeling your enemies "antisemitic" is the last refuge of scoundrels. "Antisemites" are said to be people who don't like Jews, but more often they are people whom the Jews don't like, especially when they point out that 911 makes Christians kill Muslims for Jews.

Epilogue on our Enemies

A wide array of treasonous forces, comprised of Globalists and Zionists, set up and covered up the 911 attack, and have since conspired to set up the 911-2B attack, which they aim to cover up as well. Mainstream media collaborators have sought to convince us that Arabs and Muslims were -- and will be -- behind it all. The rest of the world notes that it's Jews and Christians who have been committing war crimes and reaping profits from post-911 anti-Muslim conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, and the pending war on Iran. "Mainstream alternative" media collaborators have tried to stay safely behind the real investigators and activists in the 911 Truth Movement, and have earned their reputation as Judases when they could have been much-needed journalists.

The cozy notion of a 911 Truth Movement that includes all points of view and rejects no point of view is quite pointless. The Ghost Troop model of committed radicals leading the way, reinforced by 911 truth allies, has shown that a small number of infowarriors can achieve decisive results while cowards bury their heads in the sand -- or up King George's bottom. Only by setting up the Four Pillars of Wisdom can we right the crooked parts of our movement, and set ourselves squarely in the pursuit of victory.

# # #

About the writer: Captain May, a former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, announced a mission of conscience and founded Ghost Troop in 2003, after a career in which he had worked as an NBC editorial writer, Wall Street Journal essayist and Houston Chronicle military analyst. For more on Ghost Troop's role in the 911 Truth Movement, listen to his August 24 interview with 911 Visibility broadcaster Michael Wolsey:  http://visibility911.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=123423

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