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by Leuren Moret
US Nuclear Weapons Lab Whistleblower

(BERKELEY) Here are two maps of Lebanon indicating the amount of munitions used on targets, and what parts of the infrastructure were destroyed in Lebanon, by Israeli military attacks:  http://maps.samidoun.org/ . These are from an Italian journalist, Liliana Bourgana, who sent them to me - the maps are official Lebanese government data. You can go to the Lebanese government website listed on the maps for updates.

The journalist will be interviewing me regarding the weapons that were used. This information is from my own observations in news coverage I saw on Italian TV and the BBC while I was in Italy July 4-July 18, and from Major Doug Rokke who was in charge of the Depleted Uranium cleanup team in the Gulf after GW I:

- cluster bombs

- depleted uranium bombs - including an order during the war, by Israel from the US, for 100 more GBU-28 5000 lb. Depleted uranium warhead bombs [Note: I was in Italy July 4-18 and saw depleted uranium bombs on Italian news and the BBC. Israeli military planes bombed Beirut, the airport and southern Lebanon with DU] - depleted uranium 105mm and 120mm tank rounds [Info from Major Doug Rokke which he saw in the news]

- missiles (probably DU)

- white phosphorous weapons

- Baccilus globigii - bioweapon which makes people throw up violently but does not kill. [Note: a military source said this was determined from color coding on the weapons] This was used in southern Lebanon and reported that it suddenly caused people to get sick. - Reports from MDs treating the wounded describing new kinds of wounds never seen before which may be laser weapons. The US has them (classified) on the ABRAMS tanks. There were certainly Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) used by Israel because shrunken bodies and other types of indicators were reported by Lebanese MDs,  link to tinyurl.com

- Toxic chemicals

- Lebanese MDs working with the dead and wounded reported horrific new types of wounds and causes of death. In every war new weapons are tested and old weapons are dumped.

I will continue to do interviews regarding the illegal use of depleted uranium weaponry, a radioactive poison gas weapon, which has now polluted the entire global atmosphere and has been measured in the British atmosphere within 7-9 days of its use on the battlefields of Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan:

"Depleted Uranium is WMD"

Yes it travels... very rapidly at relatively low altitude in the troposphere, and is carried by westerlies, trade winds, convection cells, and air currents, not to mention the sand and dust storms which are characteristic of arid regions.

We are now in a global diabetes epidemic since 1991 as a result of global contamination from depleted uranium. India now has 39 million diabetics and expects 50 million by 2010 (in third world countries 80% is undiagnosed.)

The US Centers for Disease Control reported in 1980 that there were 5.7 million diagnosed cases of diabetes. That number increased by 1 million in a decade, by 1990, to 6.7 million. Between 1990 and 2002 the number increased to 13.5 million, with the largest increase of 2 million in a single year between 1996-97. That is an 18% increase from 1980 to 1990 and a 136% increase from 1980 to 2002, the last year numbers are available.

1996-97 was the period Clinton did heavy grid and carpet bombing... now we know it was with massive amounts of depleted uranium dirty bombs. This huge increase in diabetes is consistent with Japanese reported public health increases in diabetes and cancer mortality, as well as other radiation related illnesses, also increases in India, and the UK.

This planet is enveloped in depleted uranium radioactive poison dust, and with all the other problems, it is causing the greatest mass extinction in 65 million years since the dinosaurs went extinct. Scientists predict that 50% of the worlds species will be extinct within 100 years. Infertility in humans is an increasing problem now, with only 15% of sperm in men globally which is normal. It used to be 80% was normal.

Britain and the US... and now Israel... have turned this planet into the Auschwitz radioactive poison gas chamber and we are all sitting in it increasing our body burden of radiation with every breath we take. There is no escape...

I received an email "Thank god Bush finally nuked Israel... all we have to do is sit and wait now." As bad as this sounds, the reality is that it is not a joke. Israel has been contaminated from French atmospheric testing in the Sahara, Dimona (their own nuke program), depleted uranium used in Iraq/Yugoslavia/Afghanistan and now... Lebanon.

This will contaminate the entire Mediterranean, Europe, and beyond... wherever the winds take it, to be rained and snowed out in our back yards.


Leuren Moret is a geoscientist and international radiation specialist. By mapping disease she has been able to expose the full impact of radiation exposure on the global community from atmospheric testing, nuclear power plants and depleted uranium weapons. By using geoscience as a tool to understanding radiation, she has established the link between the impact of radiation on the health of the environment and global public health.

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