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Monday's Impeachment Rally

If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney, here are 3 things you can do this week.
If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney, you can do three things this week:
1) Come out with your impeach sign and join the flash-team of the SE DemocracyforAmerica meetup group in their regular Monday afternoon rush-hour Impeachment rally.
This Monday it's on the 4 corners of SE 17th Avenue & 99E.
Time is 4:30-6:30 pm.
CONTACT: Russ Hallberg who's at:  like7new@comcast.net
2) You can call or email 2 Portland City Council commissioners to pass the impeachment resolution that's been on the table since May 10:
Sam Adams (503-823-3008/  commissionersam@ci.portland.or.us
Randy Leonard (503-823-4682/ randy@ci.portland.or.us )
3) You can join us for 2 miles of posting impeachment fliers around Portland for the next two Sunday afternoons.
Contact Barbara Ellis for routes & fliers:  barbaragellis@earthlink.net