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Food Fight Grocery / Scapegoat Tattoo Anniversary Party

Nothing heavy or political. Just fun. Come meet some friends. And watch them eat till they puke.

This is an official run-down of our 3-year and Scapegoat's 1-year anniversay party. It's gonna be next Sunday, Sept. 3rd, and it's gonna be kinda nuts. Things will be going down starting at 1pm and last till 5-ish.

Some notes for you to consider:

Dunking booth (to benefit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary)
Cupcake eating contest
Stonewalls' jerky eating contest
Gross-Out eating contest
best trick (skateboard) on a crappy fun-box
DJ playing some music
Snacks and drinks.
Vegan human-beat-box Fogatron will be on hand to provide the soundtrack to the eating contests

The eating contests will be limited to 8 people per category. Email  info@foodfightgrocery.com if you want in. And specify which contest. Spots are filling up quickly. Don't flake out and not show up or else we'll be super mad at you. Super mad.

Ok. Thanks for reading. And please help spread the word.

Emiko and Chad / Food Fight!

homepage: homepage: http://www.foodfightgrocery.com
phone: phone: 503-233-3910
address: address: 4179 SE Division St