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Puerto Rico wildlife in danger of extinction......

Talks about the frustration that many people have about what the goverment and the corporations are doing in order to convert Puerto Rico in a big city.
Hi to everyone who is reading this. Im just writing this words to inform everyone that the goverment, the corporations and even regular people are converting this Island into a "big city". If your reading this and if you really care about the wildlife please know that in Puerto Rico you can find, biothechnology corporations, big farmaceutical companies, transgenics food companies, big developing companies and a lot more. In every town of Puerto Rico there is a developing company destructing the nature in order to construct a mall, high-cost houses and things related to that. Im writing this cause we cannot take this anymore and cause we really need help here cause almost no one is doing nothing to stop all this mayhem.

For example take a look at this:


The goverment just gave all the permits to the Marriot Hotel company to build two hotels in an area of Puerto Rico called La Selva ( you can learn more abou "La selva" at the link below). $ierra Club was "trying" to stop this development but as we all know they were more interested in making a buissness in "la Selva" rather than saving it from the dirty hands of capitalists. What we need is free people that want to preserve the Earth cause honestly what is happening is really sad, and the excuse that corporations and the goverment is using is that all of this is for the sake of economy, sure cause who needs nature when we can have Employment......